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If we hear the price of billions of rupiah, of course what is implied in our minds is a gem, luxury gold, or valuable ancient items. But, did you know that what we think is cheap, can actually be something valuable and of high value?

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Yep, who would have thought that a tissue or even underwear is valued at a fantastic value, namely billions of rupiah. So, what exactly makes ordinary and cheap-looking items into luxury goods?

Messi’s tears

Lionel Messi during a press conference at Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium on August 8, 2021 [sumber gambar]

What is the most expensive price of tissue that you buy? Rp. 10 thousand, Rp. 20 thousand? What if someone sells tissue with a price of Rp. 15 billion? Reporting from the Kompas page, a seller claimed that the Rp 15 billion tissue belonged to Lionel Messi, who was used to wipe his tears during his farewell speech from Barcelona. He sold the tissue on a popular buying and selling site for 1 million US dollars.

Samurai lineage panties

A panty named “The Only Panties Like This in The World” on a shopping site on line Tagboats in Japan. No half-hearted, this interior is priced equivalent to Rp. 11 billion. Nothing fancy, just a silk fabric without any gems. The panties are not sold by a reliable designer, but an artist named Samurai Masa.

Panty photos uploaded on the online site Tagboat [sumber gambar]

Time reveals that a samurai incarnation in today’s era no longer needs to use a sword, but a pair of underwear. There is a special reason for Samurai Masa to sell panties at fantastic prices. This is done to criticize the capitalist system that is developing in society.

10 billion geckos

An Instagram account @ndorobei had uploaded a video of a white gecko buying and selling transaction with a size of more than 45 cm. In the video, the recorder can be heard saying that the transaction took place on March 9, 2021, where an amount of Rp. 10 billion had been paid in cash to buy Mamik’s white gecko from Magelang.

A man with a gecko in his hand makes a sale and purchase transaction [sumber gambar]

Hartomi, the buyer, certainly didn’t buy geckos for no reason even though he knew that geckos cost hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah. The reason is, people also believe that geckos are a cure for HIV/AIDS and cancer. However, there are also netizens who think that the videos they make are just fake only.

Rare white arowana fish

White arowana fish that are increasingly difficult to find [sumber gambar]

White arowana fish, or rather silver in color, is the result of a genetic mutation that is very rare to find in the market. This fish is also endangered and very difficult to breed. In addition to the threat of extinction, white arowana is believed to be a dragon fish in Asian culture. The meaning of dragon fish is to bring luck and success to those who maintain it. This is what caused the purchase price of white arowana fish to soar to US$ 430 thousand or around Rp. 5 billion.

The world’s popular ornamental plant

It is not new if plant activists will compete to get ornamental plants that are rarely found and popular. Well, some plants in the world have fantastic prices. Sanseviere Kirkii Silver Blue or mother-in-law’s tongue is priced at around Rp. 10 million per leaf. This plant is referred to as a diabetes drug to malignant cancer.

One of the 1 billion Bonsai exhibited in Surabaya [sumber gambar]

In 2009, the Japanese frangipani plant, or Adenium, was offered for IDR 500 million. Bonsai lovers will understand that this unique plant can be sold at a price of Rp. 1 billion because it is rather difficult to maintain. The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid, which was purchased at a price of IDR 2.6 billion in 2005 because it is a very rare plant and only exists in laboratories Shenzhen Nongke Agricultural Research Corporation.

Beautiful cellphone numbers in China

In China, a cellphone number was sold for 2.25 million Yuan, or around Rp. 4.7 billion. The number has the number 8 which is five pieces. Chinese people believe that the number 8 has the meaning of abundant blessings. Meanwhile, for the Chinese community, the number 8 means the welfare of life.

Beautiful cellphone number illustration [sumber gambar]

The number was apparently sold through an auction process on line, which was held on August 16, 2020. The number is known to belong to a defendant who was auctioned off by the court. In 2017, the number WL in China it has also been sold at a price of 3.91 million Yuan, equivalent to Rp. 83 billion.

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Fantastic prices for items that we consider cheap. Despite all the reasons for the high price, of course, only a few people dare to pour so much money.

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