Viral a father knocks on the door of every house, looking for used uniforms for his children who enter vocational school

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A father is willing to do anything for the sake of family life. Not infrequently they work harder in order to realize their child’s dreams. Like the incident that recently became a topic of discussion on social media, a father in Lebak, Banten, went around the village looking for used school uniforms for his son who had started attending face-to-face school.

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Tanto Gunawan, a boat patcher knocks on the door of every house in JogJogan village, West Bayah Village. He wanted to ask about the uniform used by the child of the owner of the intended house. Maybe he can buy it and even get it for free. This was done because his son, Bagas Panca Wijaya, was going to face-to-face school at SMKN 1 Bayah, but he was still wearing his junior high school uniform because he didn’t have white or gray clothes.

Tanto only has 100 thousand rupiah, but he will use it to provide for his family in the next three days

Tanto really wanted to give his son a new uniform, but he couldn’t do it because of his economic condition, which was only enough to feed the family everyday. The father of 4 children said he had Rp100 thousand in cash. However, the money will be used to meet the needs of the family for the next three days.

Work as a boat patcher is usually paid once every three days or one week. The wages are quite small to support 4 children. Because of this, he also visited a neighbor’s house to ask about the clothes used by the owner’s child. The intention is to buy it at a more affordable price than on the market or even get it for free.

“I asked the owner of the house, ‘Ma’am, do you still have the uniforms that your child used to wear to school?,” said Tanto, quoted from the news. Compass, Sunday (29/8).

Unfortunately, even though I’ve been around several houses, I can’t find the uniform I’m looking for. This story then became the spotlight on social media, causing the Banten Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Rudi Heriyanto Adi Nugraha to intervene.

His struggle was highlighted by the school and the Banten Police Chief, Tanto was then given a love rope in the form of school supplies and cash

Putting aside the sense of prestige to ask neighbors for help, Tanto’s story, which went viral on social media, was heard by the school. They said they would help with Bagas’ uniforms and school supplies. Not only that, the Banten Police Chief also said that he was very proud to see the struggle of this father of four children to send his child to school.

“Tanto’s spirit is really extraordinary, he is willing to go around the village without feeling ashamed to look for used clothes so that his children can go to school face to face. It is this kind of struggle that we must appreciate and emulate,” said the Banten Police Chief.

On that occasion, Tanto was then given cash, school supplies for his son and a basic food package.

Hearing this, not a few netizens were saddened by Tanto’s struggle for his son. Especially after the viral story was uploaded by one of the residents to Facebook. “Bagas doesn’t have a uniform until now, since yesterday he was walking around with his father looking for used uniforms, haven’t been able to find it,” Ima wrote that went viral on the Facebook account.

Tanto’s story is a form of illustration of the struggle of a father to his son, hopefully Bagas can continue his education diligently and finally make his parents proud. Cheer up and always spread kindness.

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