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The sparkling world of entertainment really amazes anyone. It’s only natural that many people aspire to be celebrities. But it seems very difficult to maintain popularity in the entertainment industry in the country. Moreover, more and more young stars continue to appear on television.

Maybe that’s what made Doddy Dermawan vacuum from the entertainment world. He prefers to sell seblak to make a living. What is the story of Doddy who finally chose to sell seblak? Check out the following story.

Seblak selling Doddy is viral on social media

Doddy Generous selling seblak [sumber gambar]

An Instagram account @spicyfoody shared his experience when he was buying seblak. At first glance there is nothing special about the seblak. But what surprised many people was that the typical Bandung food was sold by an FTV actor, Doddy Dermawan. Doddy did not hesitate to intervene directly to serve the buyers. Thanks to the video, Doddy went viral on social media until he was invited to Raffi Ahmad’s house.

Had a good time starring in FTV

Doddy Generous while acting [sumber gambar]

Doddy had starred in a number of FTV titles in a private TV station. Usually Doddy lined up to play the antagonist. However, Doddy’s personality is very different from his role. When serving customers, he always has a friendly smile. This is what makes buyers, especially women, amazed by the figure of Doddy.

Diligently starting a business seblak

Apparently Doddy has been in the business of seblak since two years ago. He mixes his own spices for seblak. The concoction of spices is recognized by many people as having a good taste. No wonder many customers return to buy Doddy’s seblak.

Doddy Generous selling seblak [sumber gambar]

Doddy’s seblak cart is located in the Kebon Kacang area, Central Jakarta. More precisely behind the mall between Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia. A bowl of seblak containing various crackers, claws, sausages, and meatballs is only sold for Rp. 15 thousand. In a day, the outlet, named Oddi Seblak, is able to sell around 150 servings.

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Even though working in the acting world has been Doddy’s dream since childhood, at this time he admits that he wants to focus on managing his own business. Doddy saw that the food business was able to generate very lucrative profits. He feels entrepreneurship is the right way for him to succeed in the future.

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