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The obscene act of a man wearing a sarong to a woman who is praying at a mosque in Sengkang, Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi has happened repeatedly. From a number of incidents that occurred, there have been two victims who reported the harassment to the police.

Muhammad Islam strongly suspects that the perpetrators in the incidents that occurred in several different mosques were carried out by the same person. Moreover, the time span between one incident to another is not that far away.

“We suspect the same person, but what is recorded on CCTV is only the one in this video,” he explained.

Until now, the team from the Wajo Police Criminal Investigation Unit is still investigating and finding out who the gloved man was who dared to commit lewd acts and harassed members of the female congregation who were praying at the mosque.

The police also encountered a number of obstacles because the reporting witness admitted that he did not recognize the perpetrator. In addition, from the CCTV footage, the face of the gloved man is not very clear.

“The police are still investigating, because some of the witnesses examined did not recognize the perpetrator. We are continuing to investigate,” he said.

Previously, two short videos went viral on various social media platforms since Monday (21/6/2021). The video shows the action of a gloved man harassing a woman who is praying.

It was later discovered that the CCTV footage took place at one of the mosques in Sengkang, Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi. The incident is currently being investigated by the police.

“The Wajo Police will conduct an investigation regarding the incident in question,” said Wajo Police Chief, AKBP Muhammad Islam when confirmed, Tuesday (22/6/2021).

Based on the video received by, the incident began when the congregation was praying, suddenly a man in a sarong entered from the back door of the mosque.

The man then approached the line of female worshipers who were praying. The gloved man then abused one of the female worshipers while prostrating and then ran.

The harassed female congregation immediately stopped their prayers and ran after the gloved man. But unfortunately the gloved man managed to escape.

The police also appealed to residents who know the perpetrators based on the characteristics in the CCTV video footage that has been widely circulated to report to the nearest Polsek or Resort Police.

“Please if anyone recognizes it, report it to the Resort Police so that we immediately arrest it,” said Muhammad Islam.

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