While enduring leg pain, Pak Yasmin continues to sell newspapers to support his family – 1NEWS

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By enduring his leg pain, Pak Yasmin (41 years old) has to limp, struggle to walk, let alone carry a large number of newspapers. He sells newspapers around Jalan Pancasila Pontianak, which is about 4 kilometers from his house.

To get to the location where he sells, Pak Yasmin has to take an oplet, he must first take the newspaper to the Pontianak Post which is then sold at a price of 2000 rupiah per copy. Pak Yasmin’s income is around 25-35 thousand rupiahs, the money is to support his wife and a child and also to pay for boarding per month.

Pak Yasmin once sold nothing at all, if that was the case, he had to return the newspaper and he didn’t even bring any money when he got home, so sometimes he often felt hungry. He has been trying to sell from 10 am to 11 pm. If it rains or it’s hot, he can only rest in a stall on the side of the road.

“In order to find halal sustenance, God willing, it will be a blessing,” said Mr. Yasmin

Mr. Yasmin had a bitter experience while selling when he was hit by a motorbike while crossing the road, causing him to be injured and had to be taken to the hospital. Not only that, he also slept on the side of the road when selling.

Help Donation: https://www.donasionline.id/pakyasmin

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