10 Fan Actions Watch Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar’s Wedding. Like a Real Invitation!

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In the past week, social media has been busy highlighting the marriage of Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar. The moment of the sacred promise of the two became what fans were waiting for, especially since it was known that their relationship was getting closer after being matched by netizens. This couple is known to have loyal fans, and won the MURI record as the “Fanbase of Artist Couples with the Most Donations”.

Now, there are many styles of Lesty and Billar fans who appear well-prepared to watch the show live idol’s wedding. It turns out that they have their own way of using their time in the midst of busyness. Not a few were then carried away when they saw the series of events that were held on national television. So what is the portrait of the netizens who are totally like attending this real invitation? Here’s their fun action.

1. Appearing compact with the clothes of their choice, these two friendly mothers asked their grandchildren to record Lesty and Billar’s wedding moments, lo. With a happy smile, both of them look happy huh!

Leslar virtual invitation | Credit: Instagram @cleointanna

2. Following the appearance of the bride and groom, they then change clothes to stay matching. Even though I only watched on the screen, this greeting moment was like real

Change clothes like the bride | Credit: Instagram @cleointanna

3. Officially married on August 19, 2021, this is how solid Lesty and Billar fans are in Hong Kong. Compact wearing kebaya on the idol’s special day

Lessons in Hong Kong | Credit: Instagram @leena_leslarhongkong

4. The new wedding reception was held last Sunday, the portrait of this mother in front of the television became the spotlight. Don’t forget to say congratulations and prayers on line

5. Crowded on TikTok to be watched more than 2 million times. It was written by the grandson, his grandmother, to make up for the sake of witnessing Leslar’s marriage contract. Ouch, until I cry

Grandma goes viral on TikTok | Credit: TikTok @qeellala

6. Even though she attended a virtual event, this mother with complete clothes and accessories still obeyed the health protocol, lo. Always be happy, ma’am

Leslar virtual invitation | Credit: Instagram @na.nina.77312

7. Don’t want to miss joining her favorite celebrity wedding series, this mother in an all-grey uniform also wishes Lesty and Billar the best

Congratulations from Leslar fans | Credit: Instagram @yulimadura3

8. Until invited to television, this row of mothers in their distinctive clothes held a nobar event for a reception at one of the members’ homes

Compact with clothes | Credit: Insertlive

9. It’s not a problem to be photographed too close in front of the television. The most important thing is to enliven Lesty and Billar’s wedding hashtags

Boosting Lesty Billar’s wedding hashtag | Credit: Instagram @umi_imelda18

10. Finally, there is a mother who wears an all-green dress, if you look closely, it is similar to the theme when Lesty held the Steps procession, huh

Thank you to the television station | Credit: Instagram @keykey5744

Now that’s the row of fans of Lesty Kejora and Rizky Billar who are also happy for the idol’s marriage. Fans in Indonesia are often carried away by feelings about characters on the screen. However, at least the Leslars have given their own happiness to people out there.


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