11 Portraits of Random Cats Everyday Activities in Human Civilization. Such behavior, Cing :(

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As one of the pets who always has absurd and silly behavior, it is not uncommon for cats to be caught on camera doing strange things. The silliness of this one animal sometimes makes humans shake their heads because it is so eccentric. If you’re taught to be smart like a dog, it’s hard to ask for forgiveness, it’s your turn to do silly activities and don’t need to be taught.

But it can’t be helped, that’s how cats are, one of the unique animals that are loved by many people. Basically, building bonds with these animals is not as complicated as compared to other animals. It is natural that from the past until now many have made cats a part of human life. In our lives, it turns out that cats also have a myriad of activities like living creatures in general. This is the cat’s daily life with a variety of routines.

1. Humans really like it, they don’t want to be told to buy Whiskas. It’s my turn to ask you to take care of the merchandise as you wish

Keeping merchandise / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

2. On the sidelines, it turns out that the cat also does service to the surrounding community. Be very diligent in guarding the portal without being asked!

Keep the portal / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

3. It’s like ojol, the existence of this one creature seems to be everywhere. In fact, to help officers catch criminals, they’re really quick

Catching criminals / Credit: 9gag

4. Trying to help ease the burden on his owner, this cat is willing to be a repair shop mechanic. It’s getting more and more advanced, like the world of worms

Motorcycle service / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

5. It’s not good, try it, just wait for the babu’s laundry to be like that. This is an example of an employer to follow

Keeping the laundry / Credit: Twitter Zoo Fess

6. In the modern world as it is today, it turns out that cats are also proven to be able to lighten the workload of mankind. The pay is definitely asking for trouble, usually~

Helping students / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

7. Besides being cool, who would have thought if it turns out that cats can also be ordered to hold their owner’s cellphone when they want to be used to watch while lying down. Your service is great, cing!

Very helpful / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

8. In the future, it seems that the kitchen deserves to be a forbidden place for cats. Not without problems, they often have a high curiosity about glassware

Waiting to be scolded by mom / Credit: Twitter Zoo Fess

9. When a cat is independent, it makes sense. I want Whiskas never to be bought mah just eat fruit. You can pick your own too~

Mandiri to support / credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

10. In addition to being a coolie, there are also those whose level is much higher. Remember, even though it looks very relaxed, being a foreman is not easy!

Be a foreman first / Credit: Instagram wkwkland_real

11. Sometimes it’s a pity to see an anabul like this. I think he thinks that the toys are his friends being preserved or not, huh?

Make overthinking / Credit: Twitter Zoo Fess

His name is also a cat, if his behavior is not absurd, it means he is another animal. That seems to be the case, in their world the requirement to become a full-fledged cat is when you can do strange things beyond human reason. No wonder there are many cats around us whose behavior is not clear. ️

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