5 Myths of the Full Moon for Pregnant Women, Prohibitions and Suggestions

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5 Myths of the Full Moon Effect on Pregnant Women, Prohibitions and Suggestions

There are various myths that have long been believed by the public. Well, one that is busy circulating is the myth of the full moon that can affect pregnant women and fetuses.

Pregnant women are often associated with mythical things, ranging from cravings to habits that are feared to harm the fetus. However, how is the explanation of the myth of the full moon for pregnant women? Read to the end, come on!

Is it true that the full moon can affect pregnant women?

The influence of the full moon on pregnant women has long been believed. That said, the full moon will have a certain effect on pregnancy and childbirth. For example, many believe that the gravity of the full moon can hasten the birth of a baby.

Indeed, there are several theories put forward regarding the full moon being able to speed up the birth of a baby. Launch site Bellybelly, The theory that circulates is the same as the theory of the moon’s gravity which affects the condition of the waters on earth. It is also believed to affect the amniotic fluid in the womb of pregnant women.

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If the amniotic sac is subjected to the gravity of a full moon, the amniotic sac may rupture and contractions may occur. So, can this theory be trusted? In fact, it is not so.

In 1950, research was carried out after the large number of data from midwives related to births during the full moon. The study was to observe whether there is a link between the birth of a baby and the phenomenon of the full moon. As a result, no correlation was found between the two.

Since then, other studies have looked at the same thing. However, no relationship was found between these events.

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5 Full Moon Myths That Affect Pregnant Women

1. Pregnant women are prohibited from holding sharp objects when the moon is full

5 Myths of the Full Moon Effect on Pregnant Women, Prohibitions and Suggestions

One of the widely believed myths is that pregnant women should not hold or carry sharp objects during the full moon. This myth arose when Indian astrologers forbade doing so during an eclipse. Because it is believed that it will cause the baby to be born with a cleft palate.

In fact, there is no research evidence to support this claim. Moreover, the factors that affect the cleft lip in the fetus are the presence of genetic defects and the pregnant woman’s body is exposed to toxic chemicals or metals.

Pregnant women may hold sharp objects, such as needles to scissors. Provided, the mother must always be careful when using it.

2. Throwing Food Before the Eclipse

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The second myth related to the full moon during pregnancy is the suggestion to throw away food before the full moon occurs. For some, this may be considered a redundant act. But in some beliefs, this action is considered an antidote to harm.

3. Pregnant Women Can’t Drink Water During Eclipse

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Maybe this third taboo if believed and done will actually make the health of pregnant women to be disturbed. The reason, pregnant women actually need adequate fluid intake. Hence, not a few people who oppose this myth because it is considered harmful to the mother and fetus.

There are several negative impacts if pregnant women are dehydrated. These include false contractions, low volume of amniotic fluid, and complications that can cause fetal death.

4. Pregnant women are advised to fast during the full moon

5 Myths of the Full Moon Effect on Pregnant Women, Prohibitions and Suggestions

Actually the decision to fast or not is returned to the belief and ability of the mother’s body. There are pregnant women who feel capable of fasting and that is fine.

But on the other hand, fasting to withstand hunger risks having a negative impact on the fetus and causing various side effects in pregnant women. These include dizziness, nausea, increased blood pressure, and dehydration.

So, it is very important to consider the effects on the mother and fetus. If you still want to fast during the full moon, you should first consult with your obstetrician.

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5. Myth of the Full Moon: Pregnant Women Should Close Doors and Windows with Thick Curtains

5 Myths of the Full Moon Effect on Pregnant Women, Prohibitions and Suggestions

The last full moon myth is closing doors and windows with heavy curtains. The reason, it is said, the direct rays of the full moon can be bad for the skin and fetal development.

However, the myth about pregnant women who are required to close doors and windows using thick curtains during the full moon is not supported by scientific evidence.


Myths are believed by some people. But not infrequently, these myths can trigger fears or concerns that are actually not sufficiently grounded.

You don’t have to worry too much about this myth and that. The reason is, the myth of the full moon affecting pregnant women has not been proven by scientific research. So choose wisely what to do and what not to do. Don’t forget to always discuss the progress of pregnancy with an obstetrician Parents, yes.

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