6 Risks of Playing Social Media for Early Childhood. Moms Must Be More Alert!

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The presence of social media is certainly very beneficial for those who are good at taking the positive side. In an era filled with various technological conveniences like now, all kinds of information can be obtained very easily. One of them is through social media.

Some young mothers also use social media to get information about parenting tips, find household appliances, and other important information. However, what needs to be considered here is what if your little one joins in playing social media at an early age?

Seeing his mother who uses social media too often often makes children slowly follow him. Even some parents actually allow their children to get to know social media even though they are not at an appropriate age to play it. Moms must often see small children at the age of 5 who play social media such as Tiktok and Instagram. Although trivial, it turns out that this actually has a bad risk for your child’s development.

Here are the risks that will be experienced by children who have played social media from an early age…

1. Can form anti-social attitudes in children. Ignoring the surrounding environment because you are too busy on social media

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Too much letting children play with social media turns out to have a bad impact, Moms. One of them is children who are less sensitive to the environment. They tend to be comfortable with friends in cyberspace so it is difficult to mingle with the people around them.

2. Be the cause of the child’s communication skills deteriorate. This is because they rarely communicate directly in the real world.

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You certainly don’t want your child’s communication to be disrupted, right? For that, limit them in playing social media, yes! The tendency to play social media also affects language understanding so that slowly communication will be disrupted.

3. Children become less concentrated. Social media is an addiction for those who can’t control it.

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For children who are too addicted to social media, they tend to focus less on learning. They tend to rush when asked to study because they want to go back to playing social media again. Those whose names are children are still difficult to control when to play social media.

4. Lack of self-confidence in children. Too comparing himself with friends he knows through social media.

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In this case, psychological experts also say that too often exposure to social media will only trigger anxiety and depression in children. This is because they will compare themselves to what they see on social media. It can even grow your narcissistic character, Moms.

5. Vulnerable to hoax news and misinformation. Children still find it difficult to accept which information is right and wrong

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Those whose names are minors who have played social media, will usually be more easily consumed by hoax news. They easily believe in various information that turns out to be uncertain.

6. Easily exposed to obscene and violent content. They easily access anything they find through social media

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Without realizing it, social media sometimes also presents news that includes adult or violent content. If left unchecked, then children will easily see these things that have a bad impact on their psyche.

As parents, it is appropriate to provide supervision to children, especially those who are still at an early age. Social media certainly has a bad influence on children and affects their growth and development. According to experts, parents are advised not to neglect to supervise their children in playing social media. Don’t let children have risks like the ones above, Moms~

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