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Electric motorcycles themselves are not just a lifestyle, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Over time, many trends are loved by the public. Starting from lifehack menus for food, pets, to transportation.

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During this pandemic, some of these trends have successfully received attention, such as riding and electric motorcycles. The popularity of electric motorcycles is also increasing thanks to social media because many netizens share their experiences of driving this one vehicle.

Even so, electric motorcycles themselves are not just a lifestyle that develops based on trends. However, this vehicle also has a positive impact on the environment.

To prove the positive impact of electric motorcycles, the 1NEWS editorial team had the opportunity to chat directly with Idoan Marciano, Energy & Electric Vehicles Technology Specialist from IESR (Institute for Essential Services Reform) and dr. Alvi Muldani, Volunteer and Health Consultant for the ASRI Foundation (Alam Lestari Foundation). On this occasion, these two cool figures explain the positive impact of electric motorcycles that are popular with the public. Like what?

Transportation Is One of the Causes of Pollution, Electric Motorcycles Present a Solution

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It is common knowledge that air pollution in the world, including Indonesia, has increased in recent times. Many factors are behind the decline in air quality in many areas of the country, including development and mobility.

“It’s true that the closer you come, the lower the air quality. From the data we obtained in our research before the pandemic, 80% of air pollution in urban areas was caused by transportation and followed by industry afterward. Interestingly in the Jakarta area itself, from the latest research by Center for Research on Energy and Clear Air (CREA), the main cause of pollution is also the industrial sector and electricity generation from the area around Jakarta,” said Idoan Marciano.

No kidding, if left for a long time, this declining air quality can cause acute health problems to environmental damage. Even delivered by dr. Alvi Muldani if ​​the air pollution in some parts of Indonesia exceeds the safe limit determined by WHO.

“According to Air Quality Live Index (AQLI), 91% of Indonesians live in areas with particle pollution standards 6 times the standard World Health Organization (WHO). If this continues, it is estimated that life expectancy will fall by 5 years. WHO itself has determined that the average concentration of particulate matter (PM2.5) pollutants should not exceed 10 microns per cubic meter. PM2.5 itself is a small air particle. If the diameter of a hair is 75 microns, then PM2.5 is 2.5 microns, the smaller the particle size of pollution, the wider the impact on the human body,” added Dr. Alvi.

Becoming an Attractive Lifestyle Following the Trending Gowes boom First

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As is well known, trends that develop in society can be directed into a policy in everyday mobility. Like the trend of electric bicycles, which are expected to be a driving force for people to switch to electric motorcycles.

“This growing trend is expected to match the urban planning and can be applied to the maximum. The development of this trend can be done in stages: avoid, shift, and improve. Avoid to avoid the increasing need for transportation. Shift which means switching to more efficient modes of transportation such as public transportation. And don’t miss it improve, namely improving vehicle energy efficiency by improving technology such as this electric motorcycle,” said Idoan Marciano.

Optimism was also shown by dr. Alvi Muldani in response to existing trends. The success of the cycling trend during this pandemic is expected to be contagious with the trend of electric motorcycles which are now starting to mushroom in the community.

“If we look at it together, this trend is a good phenomenon and has a good impact on society. We can get physical health benefits by exercising as well as improving mental health because it is recreational. Even without policies, this trend can grow rapidly. What’s more During this pandemic, physical fitness is very beneficial because it is directly related to the integrity of the immune system. However, to support this trend, the government must support by improving cyclist infrastructure, good bicycle infrastructure helps reduce exposure to motor vehicle pollution for cyclists,” added dr. Alvi.

Electric Motorcycles Are More Environmentally Friendly, So Ideal Substitutes for Oil-Fueled Vehicles

All-in-one Electric Motorcycle Trends, Today's Eco-Friendly Lifestyle© 2021 Shutterstock

The trend of electric motorcycles that is being loved is not just a lifestyle. Electric motorcycles are proven to be more environmentally friendly than oil-fueled vehicles that have been used by people on a daily basis.

“If we look at big cities, vehicles, whether four-wheeled, two-wheeled, or public transportation dominate the roads. This makes air quality worse only from the exhaust gas. Meanwhile, electric motorcycles are more environmentally friendly because there is no gas.” waste that has the potential to pollute the environment. The potential for pollution that can be produced from electric vehicles itself is in power plants which in the future are expected to be able to reduce the amount of emissions through various alternatives, “said Idoan.

The effects of exhaust gases caused by these motorized vehicles can be fatal. For humans, exhaust gases circulating in the air can cause several dangerous diseases.

“If electric vehicles become the main mode of transportation in Indonesia, pollutants such as PM2.5, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide, lead, and ozone declining surface area which reduces the risk of related diseases and puts a brake on the rate of global warming more broadly which is at the root of health and social problems. This is because the emission of electric vehicles is small, and the exhaust is also small. Several dangerous diseases are also associated with increased air pollution generated by emissions and exhaust gases from motorized vehicles, starting from short-term effects such as eye irritation, respiratory irritation, skin diseases, to long-term effects such as breast cancer, colon cancer, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, etc. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, to dementia,” explained Dr. Alvi.

Support the Electric Motorcycle Lifestyle with Education and Infrastructure

All-in-one Electric Motorcycle Trends, Today's Eco-Friendly Lifestyle© 2021 Shutterstock

There are many ways that can be done so that this electric motorcycle trend does not sink and is no longer in demand. It takes the participation of many parties including the government, society, and related private industries to support electric motorcycles to become the main transportation in Indonesia.

“It is important to provide targeted education to the public. One example is one stop hub or a special website that becomes a comprehensive information center about electric motorcycles. Starting from regulations, administration, to infrastructure to support the transition of this mode of transportation. In addition, the support of all parties, from the government, the private sector, and all levels of society is also needed to realize this transition to electric vehicles. Like one of the online transportation services that now uses electric motorcycles as its fleet in the Bali area. This support from many parties will help the transition process of electric vehicles,” said Idoan.

Not only education, infrastructure facilities also need to be improved starting from the electrical power specifications for housing to the General Electric Vehicle Battery Exchange Station (SPBKLU). This is important because the presence of infrastructure will also create new habits in the community in carrying out daily activities.

“Some basic questions about electric motorcycles are not far from charging methods at home and in public places. In this case, there will be two types of charging for electric vehicles, namely home charging and public charging. Just like his name, home charging This is the primary need because it is done at home, and the participation of the government and related agencies is needed to make specifications and adjustments to electrical power so that they can charge electric motorcycles at home. Likewise with public charging scattered in public places in the form of SPBKLU and workplace charging which is in the center of the industry,” continued Idoan.

It’s not just a trend, it’s time for electric motorbikes to become the main transportation in Indonesia

All-in-one Electric Motorcycle Trends, Today's Eco-Friendly Lifestyle© 2021 Shutterstock

The use of electric vehicles as the main mode of transportation in Indonesia must be carried out immediately. In the midst of various environmental and health damages that are threatened, the transition towards zero emission can be done now especially when the trend of electric motorcycles is being loved.

“The longer we move to using electric vehicles, the impact will be more catastrophic in the future. There is no need to wait for 100% renewable energy through electricity generation first, but the transition must run parallel because if we wait too long, the impact will be more massive and we don’t have until 2050 before climate change shows its effects are getting worse,” said Energy & Electric Vehicles Technology Specialist from IESR, Idoan Marciano.

Agree with Idoan Marciano, dr. Alvi also said that the transition to clean energy transportation needs to be done before it is too late.

“80% of pollution in Indonesia comes from transportation. Changing transportation through clean energy will certainly reduce pollutant substances that contribute to disease and greenhouse gases that contribute to increasing global temperatures. This needs to be done before it’s too late, reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate The 2018 United Nations Change, stated that world CO2 emissions must decrease by 45% by 2030, otherwise the impact of global warming cannot be reversed or irreversible. To reduce carbon levels in the atmosphere, apart from reducing production, you can also increase absorption by planting trees. “closed Dr. Alvi.

Not only a trend, the lifestyle of using electric motorcycles as daily transportation also has a positive impact on the environment, you know, Sahabat Dream! It’s time to switch to using electric vehicles for a better environment.

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