Amanda Manopo Again Blasphemed Due to Brave Pose with Arya Saloka: Please Be A Little Smart!

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1NEWS – The soap opera idol pair Ikatan Cinta, Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo are back in the spotlight of netizens. A video of their photo shoot with a pose like a couple is circulating on social media.

In the video as seen from the Instagram account of Arya and Amanda’s fan community, Amanda is seen wearing a long dress with a high slit so that her thighs are exposed.

He looked like he was sitting on Arya Saloka’s lap with his eyes to the side. Meanwhile, Arya Saloka looked at Amanda Manopo with one hand hugging her co-star’s waist and the other holding the front of her calf.

The portrait of Amanda Manopo and Arya is considered excessive by haters. Many of them blasphemed Amanda because they were judged not to think about the feelings of Arya’s wife, Princess Anne.

“How do you and your wife feel when they see something like that?” asked netizens.

Information circulating, it was a photo shoot for a beauty product. Of course as models who may have been paid by contract, they only follow the direction of the stylist and photographer.

What they do is part of the job. It’s a different story if for personal photos, posing as bold as that is questionable.

“For good and kind netizens, don’t lead opinions! All the work already has a fashion stylist and a photo shoot director!! So please be a little smarter!! Thank you so much, greetings,” wrote Amanda’s manager, Ricco Richardo on his Insta Story Instagram, Monday (30/8).

Whatever the defense of Amanda Manopo, it seems, can’t stop the blasphemy against the actor Andini Kharisma Putri in the Love Association. In their eyes, whatever Amanda and Arya do is always wrong


Writer Indra Kurniawan

Editor Suyanto Soemohardjo


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