Azriel Hermansyah admits that he wanted to break up with Sarah Menzel: We don’t have to continue

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Sarah Menzel and Azriel Hermansyah.  Photo: Instagram

Azriel Hermansyah and Sarah Menzel have indeed become one of the young celebrity couples highlighted. The different backgrounds and personalities have made this couple invite the curiosity of netizens. Known to be calm, recently Azriel and Sarah admitted that they wanted to end their relationship or break up.

Azriel said that long distance relationship or LDR is not an easy thing. Moreover, Sarah had been exposed to Covid and it was difficult to go to Jakarta if she followed the applicable procedures.

“The name LDR is very heavy. The hardest thing is when you get Covid, right? After getting Covid, it’s a long wait for recovery. After that, if you want to get on a plane, you have to be vaccinated, that’s 3 months. From there I thought, ‘Oh my, I have to wait 3 months? We don’t meet,” he said, quoted from The Hermansyah A6 YouTube channel on Monday, August 30, 2021.

This is what made the son of singer Krisdayanti think of breaking up with Sarah.

“From there, there is a feeling like it’s over, we don’t need to be in touch anymore.”

Sarah Menzel and Azriel Hermansyah. Photo: Instagram

Sarah herself confirmed that at that time she and her family were experiencing many disasters. The reason is that Sarah’s grandfather was also exposed to Covid and died.

“Really, this month I have Covid. Then after Covid, Opa also got Covid, then Opa died. Anyway, it’s like a row, then there’s no time to come here because everything is like that packed really… “Mom was there alone, right, so I was there with Mama too.” he said.

Luckily, they managed to get through these tough times and still survive until now.

“So these things made us yesterday say, ‘Well, we don’t have to continue anymore, we’d better be friends’,” said Azriel.

Azriel-Sarah LDR tips

On the same occasion, Azriel also shared LDR tips and tricks for the two lovebirds. According to him, he believes in Sarah because Sarah is not a ‘today’ child and doesn’t like going out at night.

Azriel and Sarah Menzel
Azriel and Sarah Menzel. Source: Instagram

“If it’s from himself. He’s a person who has been formed like that. He’s not a kid these days, you know? gadgets really, keep on going out at night, no. He’s the son who comes home from school, goes straight to bed, and does his homework. So that’s what made me believe in him.”

Meanwhile, Sarah herself said that the key to LDR’s success was mutual trust and not restraining the couple.

“The point is to trust each other, don’t hold each other down like that. Don’t manage.”

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