Called to be holding an application at the end of September, this is the figure of Ria Ricis’s prospective husband who makes netizens jealous

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Ria Ricis is reportedly close to a handsome man, Teuku Ryan. This is known from his brother-in-law, Ory Vitrio, the husband of Oki Setiana Dewi, who admitted that in the near future Ria Ricis will be proposed by Teuku Ryan.

“No application yet, God willing,” said Ory Vitrio, when contacted by the media crew, quoted from According to the brother-in-law, the application ceremony will take place in September 2021.

Even so, Ory Vitrio still can’t talk much about this considering there are many things and preparations that are still being taken care of.

“God willing, the end of September (the application) is planned. It’s still a long time, we’ll let you know when it’s ripe,” he explained. So who is Teuku Ryan? Launching from TribunSeleb, Friday (27/8), let’s look at the following.

The man whose real name is Teuku Rushariandi or called Teuku Ryan is an undergraduate graduate at Syiah Kuala University in Banda Aceh. Now he is also known to be continuing his master’s degree at Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta.

It is known, Teuku Ryan is a handsome man from the city of Langsa, Aceh. He is also an employee at a state-owned bank.

Well, that’s the figure of Ria Ricis’s future husband, let’s pray it goes smoothly until the wedding, Beauty!

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