Cerezo Osaka vs Gamba Osaka Prediction, Host Ready to Maintain Victory Record

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1NEWS – The Japanese League Cup has entered the quarter-finals, after the preliminary round played by eight teams resulted in four winners who progressed to the next round. Where the four teams were also awaited by the other four teams who had automatically qualified.

One of the matches will bring together the Osaka derby, namely Cerezo Osaka vs. Gamba Osaka. The two teams will compete at the Kincho Stadium, the home base of the host Cerezo Osaka. The kick off is scheduled to start on Wednesday (1/9) at 17.00 WIB.

Cerezo Osaka Ready to Win Again

Throughout this season, Cerezo Osaka has met his prefectural opponent twice. At their first meeting in the Japanese League, the team nicknamed Sakura only drew against Gamba Osaka.

Next in the next match which was just held on Saturday (28/8), Sakura was finally able to steal three points. In the match played at Gamba Osaka’s headquarters, Riku Matsuda’s single goal was the only goal.

It is predicted that in this match, Cerezo Osaka will try to win again. Especially the quarter-finals Japan Cup This is carried out in two legs. Then the victory in the first leg can be a valuable asset for the team.

Most likely the team will go down with a 4-4-2 formation created by the tactician, Akio Kogiku. On the front lines the two strikers he will play are Adam Taggart and Mutsuki Kato. Both are expected to be able to take advantage of his team’s opportunities to be converted into goals.

Furthermore, in the middle zone, will be filled by four team players who play as midfielders. Tatsuhiro Sakamoto will be partnered with the captain, Hiroshi Kiyotake and appointed to fill the wing midfielder sector. Meanwhile, the duo Riki Harakawa and Naoyuki Fujita were assigned the role of filling the central midfield position.

Entering the defense, Cerezo Osaka will be strengthened by four players who are defenders. Yusuke Maruhashi and Riku Matsuda will be deployed as wing-backs. Followed by the duo Ryuya Nishio and Ayumu Seko as central defenders. While the position of goalkeeper will be played by Jin-hyeon Kim.

Gamba Osaka is underdog to win

Switch to the visiting team, Osaka picture just picked a bad result after losing 0-1 to Cerezo Osaka. Now the two teams will meet again but on a different title from the previous meeting.

In the standings table, the club nicknamed the Nerazzurri has a point difference that is quite close to its potential opponent. Where they filled the 13th position, while Cerezo Osaka was better at 12th. But his opponent still has one game in reserve that he has not played.

Most likely the Nerazzurri tactician, Masanobu Matsunami will field his best players with a 4-4-2 tactical pattern. Where the front line position will be filled by the Brazilian duo, Leandro Pereira and Tiago Alves.

In midfield, Shinya Yajima and Shu Kurata will fill the wing midfield positions. Both of these players are required to be able to present threat after threat from the wing. They are also tasked with assisting the performance of the strikers.

Meanwhile in the midfield there are also two more players but different roles from the previous two players. Both players will be assigned the role of central midfielder and given the task of balancing the game.

The last position is the back line, which is also filled by four players with Hiroki Fujiharu and Ko Yanagisawa as wing-backs. Then there is the duet Young-gwon Kim and Gen Shoji who play the role of the doorstop. While the position of goalkeeper will be assigned to Masaaki Higashiguchi.

Japan Cup Soccer Prediction: Cerezo Osaka vs Gamba Osaka 01 September 2021

Reflecting on the record of the previous meeting, the exchange latest slot gambling site predicts the meeting of the two teams will be easier for the hosts to win. Meanwhile, judging from the position in the Japanese League standings table, Cerezo Osaka very much preferable.

Cerezo Osaka vs Gamba Osaka Score Prediction: 1 – 0

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