Chronology of the cause of death of Aming’s sister, mother: My child is not sick

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Adik Aming or Muhammad Aming Salleh Abdullah died on Thursday, August 26, 2021. Amin’s sister died after experiencing shortness of breath.

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The mother of Aming’s sister, Santi (33 years) confirmed that her son’s death was not caused by the Covid-19 virus.

According to Santi’s statement, Adik Aming was in good health as usual until he complained of shortness of breath before he died.

The chronology of the cause of Aming’s sister’s death took place very quickly, Aming admitted that he felt short of breath after eating one serving of noodles.

Even before he died, Adik Aming had time to call to prayer and pray. Had time to help his mother move things and lift things that were moved.

Aming’s younger brother died at the very young age of eight years.

Adik Aming is famous for his videos advising people on social media with his distinctive style and accent.

Goodbye brother Aming, may Allah SWT accept you.


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