Dhea Regista is in the spotlight of netizens on Twitter, because she cheated and took advantage of her lover’s property | Most Exciting

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Mostseru.com – A beautiful face becomes Dhea Regista’s mainstay ‘weapon’ to melt the heart of a rich man.

In fact, the ‘weapon’ is so powerful that it makes his girlfriend so generous that he even hands her ATM and M-banking.

But sadly, the condition was used by Dhea to live extravagantly. Exist on social media by showing off photos of him hanging out and wearing expensive items from his girlfriend’s money.

All the facts of Dhea’s crime were revealed by a Twitter account @buahceriii, which is now finally going viral and excited.

The owner of the account itself is the sister of Dhea’s lover. He shared the story of Dhea’s crime to the public because he felt very angry about his actions.

“By Allah, I am very angry, my brother has been dating his girlfriend for 4 years. No LDR, see you again. He is my brother’s responsibility for all his needs, he found out that he had cheated his identity for money. By God, you’re really bad, aren’t you, Dhea Regista? My brother is stressed to the point of complaining because of you,” he wrote emotionally.

Reported by wolipop.detik.com, Actions of fraud and taking advantage of brother’s property @buahceriii this began to smell when his brother got a job as a chef in Azerbaijan at the end of 2020.

Twitter account @buahceriii found that Dhea has an Instagram, from previously claiming not to have an Instagram account, only a Twitter account.

The account owner was then even more surprised when he found Dhea’s Instaram feed filled with hedon photos. Whereas previously Dhea admitted to her brother that she was the breadwinner of the family because her parents did not have a job.

via: wolipop.detik.com

Curious, the account owner then looked for the source of Dhea’s money. And apparently, it was the result of his brother’s ATM and M-banking which was given to Dhea before his brother left for Azerbaijan.

“Dhea, please, if you need money, look for a stylish job and want to give it to your parents, don’t burden other people,” emotional @buahceriii.

“Moreover, until you blame others for your mistakes, don’t blame my brother,” he said.

Twitter threads @buahceriii This then went viral and was flooded with netizen comments. Warganet who was emotional with Dhea then gave him the nickname ‘gold digger’, which is a condition where someone loves the opposite sex just because of money or better known as a woman with money.

Not a few citizens who warn about karma.

“Dhea Regista you have to get karma,” wrote @vicadoss.

Dhea Regista is really bad, I hope karma doesn’t hit you but death will,” said @j33ruk.

“Dhea Resgita the real girl matre,” said @pensiunanInstagram.

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