Even though he has just become husband and wife, this man has been rude to his wife until his hair is pulled at a wedding ceremony | Most Exciting

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Most Fun – Viral behavior of a man who feeds his wife rudely to the point of pulling his wife’s hair on their wedding day. Instagram account @kamerapengawas uploaded the moment of the man who was wearing an Indian wedding dress

The wife looks shy when feeding her husband. However, the moment the husband fed his wife caught the attention of netizens. The man who was wearing a blue shirt instead pulled his wife’s hair violently until she forced food into it.


However, several women who were at the location at that time did not stop the man’s action. They even laughed at the woman. It is not known exactly where the wedding took place.


The post of the wedding, which allegedly took place in India, immediately received various reactions from netizens. They judged that they were married off forcefully and said that it would harm the woman in the future.

“Definitely a forced marriage. It’s very rude to leave it alone,” @indi230699_ comment.

“Oh, excuse me, go home, madam, that’s not good in the future, it’s dangerous,” @judith.j7dith’s comment.

“Njiir rude,” @ayn18_ comment

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