Ever emotional to swearing, Nikita Mirzani reveals his relationship with Elza Syarief at this time – 1NEWS

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Nikita Mirzani

Nikita Mirzani revealed his relationship with lawyer Elza Syarief after the two had had a feud in 2019.

It is known that the feud between Niki and Elza, which was broadcast in the program hosted by Hotman Paris and Melaney Ricardo, had become a public spotlight. Especially after Elza’s children took part in the problem. Like what? Check out the following reviews.

Elza Syarief and Nikita Mirzani

Nikita Mirzani was present as a guest star on the Tonight Show Premiere hosted by Desta, Vincent Rompies and Hesti Purwadinata recently. On that occasion, Niki was asked to tell the most emotional experience that led to swearing.

“Stories about experiences that make the most emotional to the point of swearing,” said Nikita Mirzani launched the YouTube Tonight Show on Monday (30/08/21).

Nikita Mirzani. Source: YouTube Tonight Show

Responding to the question, Nikita Mirzani explained that it was the feud with Elza Syarief’s lawyer that made him emotional to the point of uttering swear words. According to Niki, his feud with the 64-year-old lawyer did happen both on TV and behind the scenes.

“This was the first story with whom, with Elza Syarief’s mother, who was on TV and not on TV it seemed the same, it was a very swearing oath,” he said.

After that, Desta as host asking how Niki’s relationship with Elza is now. The mother of three then replied that she did not know Elza before.

“It’s normal (Niki’s relationship now with Elza) I don’t know him either,” he said.

Ever had a fight

As a reminder, the feud between Nikita Mirzani and Elza Syarief began when the two appeared on a television show hosted by Hotman Paris and Melaney Ricardo. In the event, Elza, who was present as a lawyer for Niki’s ex-husband, Sajad Ukra, was scolded by Niki until one studio was shocked. However, Elza was silent and did not fight back.

After the event was over, Elza reported Hotman and Melaney to the police. Hotman Paris’ lawyer also spoke up and said that there were no criminal acts committed by Nikita Mirzani or the program.

Source: YouTube

‚ÄúThere is nothing to report. That’s easy. Ordinary people will be able to see. Try to observe, re-watch the recording of ‘Hotman Paris Show’ between Nikita, Elza Syarief and me. Read the transcript, not a single word from Nikita’s mouth said insulting words. No physical action. Yes, it means that there is no crime,” said Hotman Paris, launching Detik.

The feud escalated after Elza’s child, Poppy Kelly, did not accept her mother being treated like that by Niki. The 35-year-old presenter then responded until Poppy apologized.

“Calling I’m a prostitute because it’s clear that my name is there, want you to be *** daughter or the woman’s adopted daughter, I don’t have any fear of bringing an army of crazy people all plus bums,” said Niki.

After that, Nikita Mirzani reported Elza Syarief to the Metro Jaya Police, on Monday (16/9/2019). At that time, Nikita Mirzani felt slandered because Elza called him a cepu or a police informant. Nikita Mirzani’s report was flawed with LP 5892/IX/2019/PMJ/Dit.Reskrimsus. In the report, the police used Article 27 paragraph 3 in conjunction with Article 45 paragraph 3 and/or Article 36 paragraph 2 in conjunction with Article 51 paragraph 2 of Law No. 19 of 2016 concerning ITE RI.

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