Grandpa becomes a sacrifice, Megawati is suspected of having sex with another man –

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Beritabali/ist/couple with a long age difference that had gone viral., NTB.
The marriage of Grandpa M Yakub AR (79 years) with Megawati (38 years) who is still someone’s wife (not a widow as previously reported, ed) and has a Mental Disorder Person (ODGJ) was viral on Social Media (Medsos), a few days ago new facts emerge.
The grandfather, who is a resident of Kandai Satu Village, Dompu District, Dompu Regency, was allegedly the victim behind the marriage. The reason is, before the marriage took place, Megawati was strongly suspected of having had sex with another man.

This was confirmed by the Head of Criminal Investigation Unit, Iptu Ivan Ronald Christovel STK, through the Head of the Women and Children Protection Unit (PPA) Aipda Ahmad Rimawan on Monday (30/8).

According to Rimawan, it was known that, starting from M’s family who came from Bima reporting the incident on Thursday (27/8) afternoon, his family suspected that M was a victim of sexual abuse and threats by another man.

“It’s true, M had sex with another man before marrying Grandpa Yakub, that’s what M confessed when she came to report with her family,” explained Head of PPA Aipda Ahmad Rimawan.

It is even suspected that the age difference marriage was initiated by the perpetrator, to cover up his actions.

“Initially, the family suspected that M was secretly married. Even Bima’s family found out about M’s marriage after it went viral on social media,” he said.

The case, continued Rimawan, is still being investigated. This includes examining victims and witnesses and collecting evidence.

“M has undergone a post-mortem. Including a urine test, to find out if he is pregnant or not,” explained Rimawan.

Efforts that have been made by the investigators of the PPA Polres Dompu, M, have undergone an initial examination when they come to report. Accompanied by a number of family members, M’s examination process took a long time. Even for 30 minutes he did not want to talk when asked about the case he experienced.

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