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The heart-wrenching video on the wedding day recently went viral. This moment shows the groom in pain and the bride in tears throughout the wedding.
The video was shared by the TikTok account @nikoanggayu_. Until this news was published, the video has been viewed at least 4.8 million times and has received 175 thousand likes.

“Today’s MC-in for a duper heart-wrenching wedding,” he wrote as the caption to the TikTok video. The groom was in pain from a broken leg. It turned out that he had been in an accident two days before the wedding.

“D-2 wedding, the groom had an accident. Currently his condition is a broken leg at the knee and a fractured shin.” The groom looked several times in tears and sobs. He welcomed the invited guests with pain.

Meanwhile, the bride’s expression was no less heart-wrenching. She shed tears throughout the marriage because of the misfortune experienced by her husband. “The tears won’t stop. It’s amazing God, strengthen this bride.”

In one of the video slides, the man can’t stand up. He had to be carried by several people so he could go up the aisle. “Even to shift the groom must be carried.”

When carried, the groom tried to show a strong face. Luckily, this bride and groom were able to continue their marriage in the midst of their calamity. The groom has also changed into his wedding attire at the reception. He and the bride finally sat quietly on the aisle chairs.

However, the bride still finds it difficult to control herself. She continued to shed tears while on the aisle with her husband. “Not infrequently the tears of the bride always fall down.”

The uploader of this video can only ask for prayers from citizens. He hopes that the bride will be able to pass the test when she gets married, and learn from the ordeal.

“Please pray, for God willing, there will be a lot of wisdom behind this test.”

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