Gus Jalil Reveals the Impact of Postponing the 2024 Election,

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1NEWS – Deputy Chairperson of the MPR Jazilul Fawaid touched on the issue of the postponement of the 2024 election due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to him, if this happens, it will have an impact on Indonesia’s constitutional issues, so an amendment is needed.

“If anything changes during this pandemic, it is the closure of all activities, mosques, malls and others,” he said during a discussion at the Indonesian House of Representatives, Monday (30/8).

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According to him, during the reformation era, the amendments had been going on for 5 times.

“Later, in 2024 political activities will be closed, there will definitely be problems with the administration,” he added.

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The man who is familiarly called Gus Jalil said that one of the efforts to postpone the holding of the General Election during the Covid-19 pandemic could be through amendments to the 1945 Constitution.

“I don’t know if this pandemic will change or not. Because there was one recommendation from the previous leadership,” he said.

He added that his party would see to what extent the State Policy Guidelines (PPHN) were needed in this era of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thus, the plan to present the PPHN must be thoroughly studied.


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