Hello !! This TNI soldier used to be a construction worker, he didn’t forget his work friends when he met them – 1NEWS

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The figure of Prada Anam has inspired many people. As is known, Anam is a former Army Headquarters construction worker who is now a soldier TNI Army (AD).

Although now a soldier, Anam remains humble. In one broadcast, Anam was even seen meeting his best friend when he was a construction worker. He came and immediately helped him mix the cement.

Reported from the Instagram account @tni_angkatan_darat, Prada Anam was seen coming to Headquarters and meeting his best friend who worked as a construction worker there. Anam’s best friend, Sandy, admitted that she didn’t expect Anam to come to see her.

“Sandy never thought that Anam would come here. Sandy is at work, I didn’t expect Anam to come and say hello,” said Sandy as uploaded by @tni_angkatan_darat.

When he saw Sandy, Anam immediately ran to him. The two greeted each other and shook hands.

Anam even immediately helped Sandy mix the cement. The moment was then captured by the TNI AD documentation team.

“Sandy is also surprised that his name has never been met, so happy,” said Sandy.

Through the TNI AD Youtube channel, Prada Anam expressed his happiness to meet Sandy.

“I haven’t seen Sandy for a long time, because I was educated to become a second soldier. And Alhamdulillah now I can meet my best friend, “said Anam.

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