Her name was dragged into the case of copyright infringement for the song “Star”, Tina Toon: That’s the Domain of Label Power!

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Copyright in a work is very important to protect artists and musicians from harmful illegal practices. If you use other people’s work for an advantage without permission and without mentioning the name of the creator, it can be a case that is taken through legal channels. Like recently, news about former child singer Tina Toon who stumbled upon a song copyright case. From the news circulating, Tina was sued for Rp. 10.7 billion for the alleged violation.

The news of copyright infringement has also become a public discussion. The reason is, the song “Bintang” which was popularized by the band Anima in 2006 holds many memories for song lovers. Tina finally brought “Bintang” again with some changes and was re-released in 2015. It turned out that after 6 years, the song was deemed to have violated copyright and was sued by the original creator. This made Tina receive various oblique accusations, until she spoke up.

Tina asserted that she was only a defendant in a copyright infringement case for the song “Bintang” which she sang because of a contract with a music label.

As the singer of the song “Bintang” which has been recycled, Tina was indeed involved in the copyright infringement case. After having attended the trial once and headed for the next trial, Tina finally spoke up about the case that had dragged her good name. The former child singer who is now a member of the DKI Jakarta DPRD emphasized that copyright matters are the business of the label.

“Regarding the existence of my name in issue 23/Pdt.Sus-HKI/Cipta/2021/PN Niaga Jkt. Pst. One, Tina Toon was a singer (who was under a label contract at the time). Where the matter of ownership and management of songs and copyrights is the domain of the label’s power,” Tina wrote, quoted from Detik Hot.

The owner’s full name Agustina Hermanto also confirmed that she was only bound by a contract to sing songs from the label and her position in the case as a complement to the lawsuit. “Tina only follows contacts to sing. Two, Tina Toon’s position in this case is not the defendant, but also the defendant which aims to complete the lawsuit,” said Tina. These two things finally became a clarification from Tina’s side to respond to the various oblique accusations against her in the case.

Tina is not the only party involved in the song copyright infringement case, at least some music labels have been sued

The plaintiff is the original creator of the song “Bintang” by Tina, namely Engkan Herikan. Engkan admitted that he did not know that his work was brought by Tina Toon with some changes. The lawsuit was filed at the Central Jakarta Commercial Court for unlawful acts in the form of copyright infringement. This was also confirmed by Engkan’s attorney, Muhammad Iqbal Arbianto, who explained the lawsuit against Tina Toon and her colleagues.

Iqbal explained that the song “Bintang” sung by Tina Toon had changed the name of the creator. “The point is that Engkan feels aggrieved because the song he wrote and has been popularized by Anima has been brought back by changing the creator so it’s not Engkan anymore,” said Iqbal, quoted from YouTube KH Infotainment. In the lawsuit that was registered since February 2021, Engkan’s party demanded material compensation of Rp. 750 million and non-material losses of Rp. 10 billion.

Iqbal also explained that the lawsuit was aimed not only at Tina. “We withdraw Tina Toon as a co-defendant to complete our lawsuit,” added Iqbal. Apart from Tina, the lawsuit was also filed against several music labels and parties involved such as Basia Roulette, Baros Roulette, Ian Juanda, Andri Anima, Universal Music Indonesia, Sony Music Indonesia and WAMI.

The decision and development of the case is currently still in the investigation stage and a further trial will only be held on August 31, 2021. With the clarification or response from Tina and an explanation from the plaintiff’s attorney, the public is just waiting for news of the court’s decision.


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