I’ve tried all kinds of ‘torpedoes’, but Nikita Mirzani hates Africa, the size is ‘Anaconda’

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Nikita Mirzani’s candid confession regarding the bed. She even revealed some types of men she wouldn’t go to bed with.

This recognition was conveyed by Nikita Mirzani when he was involved in a chat with Doctor Boyke on the Crazy Nikmir Real Youtube Channel on Tuesday, August 24, 2021.

In the small talk, Doctor Boyke initially discussed the size of the largest male sex organ, on average, by African and Russian men.

Hearing this, Nikita actually revealed that he would not try to get in touch with the two. He even suggested not to try it, because once you try you can’t go back.

“Oops, Africa, don’t you ever try, I never try, because if you try once, you never go back,” said Nikita was quoted from SuaraIndonesia.co.id, the Suara.com media network.

“That new Anaconda!” said Doctor Boyke.

“If you come in here, you can see the navel, right, doc? Oh, God, really,” said Nikita laughing.

Nikita and Doctor Boyke also discussed the myth that Caucasian sex organs are softer than Asian men when they have an erection.

“No! I’ve already tried!” said Nikita, breaking the myth.

“It depends on hormones, depending on erectile dysfunction or not.

So you’ve tried a variety of things?” asked Doctor Boyke.

“Yes, but Africa Never, no!” said Nikita Mirzani.

“I’m afraid I don’t want to come back again, I’m afraid I’ll keep looking, that’s what I’m really afraid of. The color is a bit dark, I’m afraid,” said Nikita.


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