Jonathan Frizzy Was Expelled by Benny Simanjuntak for Dating This Artist

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Benny Simanjuntak (Instagram)

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1NEWSJonathan Frizzy or Ijonk was banned from participating by his uncle, Benny Simanjuntak, the founder of Example Management Artist. But Jonathan didn’t budge. Without Benny’s help, he continued his career in the entertainment world by becoming a commercial star.

Seeing Ijonk’s seriousness in pursuing a career, Benny felt sorry for him. He then allowed Ijonk to stay at his house and join Example Management Artist. Even though Benny’s own nephew admitted that he had never worried about Ijonk. Ijonk continues to participate in various castings. Even at that time, Benny still hoped that Ijonk would be tired and give up on casting and bury his desire to become a soap opera actor. “Nothing at all I treat him special. In fact, I am tougher than other artists. If he makes a mistake, I often berate him with harsh words, even I often hit him,” said Benny in an interview with Tabloid. Indonesian star in 2004 ago.

Benny even had time to kick Ijonk out of his house because he was caught dating former model and soap opera actor Sarah Judith. “Usually it’s better a few days later. Usually I’m the first to greet him,” said Ijonk.

Benny Simanjuntak (Instagram)

Benny also often criticizes acting Ijonk which he considered mediocre. Ijonk, who already knew his uncle’s character, was never hurt. “Maybe it’s a form of affection for me. He really wants me to be independent and professional,” said Ijonk, who admitted that when he first joined Example Management Artist, Benny never received special attention. Even Ijonk had time to protest to Benny so that he also received the same attention and priority as other Example artists. “Indeed at that time I paid more attention to Indra L. Bruggman than him. But I explained why Indra got more attention and priority. Finally he understood too,” said Benny.

Benny asked Ijonk to be more open to him and expressed his objections to Ijonk’s habit of being diligently in his room. “Honestly, our communication was disturbed by Ijonk’s attitude, who rarely spoke and preferred to keep problems to himself. But after I gave advice, it has changed. Now he is starting to blend in and open up to me,” explained Benny.

Ijonk’s motivation was boosted when Benny told him to learn a lot from Indra. Ijonk studied and studied acting. Ijonk was finally able to prove that he could act as good as Indra. “Before Ijonk’s acting was not good. Especially in his pronunciation and body language. But now he has shown extraordinary developments,” explained Benny.

There was one incident that made their kinship even closer. When Benny’s birthday, Ijonk throws a surprise party. Whereas previously Benny had warned him not to be disturbed on his birthday. Benny announced that he would retreat to an area, without any disturbance. But Benny’s plan fell apart. Ijonk has special plans to celebrate Benny’s birthday. “It was a very touching gift from Ijonk for me,” said Benny. “I did that because there was no Example artist who dared to do it,” joked Ijonk, chuckling.

Although the communication between them has improved, it does not make them open to each other in love affairs. Benny kept his love affairs tightly closed. As well as Ijonk. Surprisingly, Benny still knows who Ijonk’s lover is. Benny also always knows what problems are befalling Ijonk. “Usually he finds out from other examples of children about my gossip. When he has collected data, he comes to advise me,” said Ijonk.


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