Korean Netizens’ Reaction to Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo’s Dating Rumors | Kpop Chart

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How do you think South Korean netizens will react to dating rumors involving Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo?

On the morning of Monday (30/08), Dispatch caused an uproar in the South Korean entertainment industry after reporting that Lee Min Ho was dating Yeonwoo.

However, soon Lee Min Ho’s agency immediately denied the news and said that the two were just close friends.

Responding to the news, South Korean netizens immediately gave various comments on the theqoo site:

“I didn’t even know he had broken up with Suzy,”

“Yeonwoo? I think she’s really popular with men.”

“Lee Min Ho is 34 years old, it turns out he is younger than I thought,”

“Isn’t this the first time Lee Min Ho has denied dating rumors? They just know each other is weird.”

“They went out with friends? Aren’t they breaking social distancing rules?”

“He only dates female idols,”

“Suzy and Yeonwoo, now I know the type of woman he likes,”

“Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo? What an unexpected combination.”

“Personally, I feel that Yeonwoo is the prettiest among female idols. I envy Lee Min Ho,” and many other comments. (1NEWS)

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