Lisa uses her name as the title of her solo debut song, this is the reaction of Korean netizens | Kpop Chart

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Lisa BLACKPINK’s solo debut plan has attracted the attention of many people, including South Korean netizens.

As fans know, this BLACKPINK personnel is planning to make a solo debut by releasing a single titled ‘LALISA’ on September 10, 2021.

The title of Lisa’s solo debut single immediately attracted attention, because ‘LALISA’ is Lisa’s real name.

Knowing the title of his solo debut song, South Korean netizens on the theqoo site gave various comments such as:

“The title of the song is ‘LALISA’, hahaha. Absolutely amazing.”

“The title of the song is his own name?”

“Wow, her name ‘LALISA’ is the title of the song,”

“I’m sure Lisa’s solo song will be a big success,”

“The album title and title track are in their own name, amazing,”

“Lisa’s visuals are amazing, she looks beautiful, stylish and cool,”

“Daebak. Even with accessories and nails like that, her face still stands out,” and there were many other complimenting comments. (1NEWS)

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