Losing the Witchcraft War from the Legitimate Wife, the Actors Are Punished That Makes Kapok

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Infidelity always leads to adultery, and this act is very detrimental to the person who commits it. As experienced by a woman who became an actor, which is told in this video on Kang Ujang Busthomi’s YouTube channel, Cirebon.

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Ujang Busthomi himself is a cleric who leads the Anti-Galau Padepokan in Sinarrancang Village, Mundu District, Cirebon Regency.

On that occasion, Ustaz Ujang treated a woman who had received witchcraft from her legal wife. To the mother of the actress, Ustaz Ujang asked for information on why such an unreasonable thing could happen to her daughter.

Meanwhile, in front of the two people, several maggots were placed on a black cloth. “Mom, what’s the story, Mom, how are there maggots like this?” asked Ustaz Ujang.

The woman’s mother admitted that the caterpillar was a gift from her daughter when she came out of the bathroom. He said his daughter screamed in pain every time she peed but maggots came out.

“When you pee, when you get out of the bathroom, give it to the ustaz,” said the mother, crying. The woman’s mother added that her child had been urinating like this for four days.

He believed that the maggot urine was the result of witchcraft sent by one of the legal wives of the man who was teased by his daughter.

And his daughter retaliated by sending witchcraft as well. But apparently the woman who played it lost. According to the woman’s mother, her daughter is a widow, and indeed does not work or is unemployed.

“There’s nothing to do, sir, I don’t work. She often goes out with other people’s husbands,” said her mother. In fact, his daughter was often scolded by people, and some even came to break into her house.

She added that her husband, who works abroad, was not aware of his daughter’s behavior and this strange incident.

After chatting, Ustaz Ujang also treated the woman who was the victim of the witchcraft peeing maggots.

During the treatment, the woman continued to wriggle while screaming in pain.

Several times her mother removed maggots from her daughter’s genitals. The treatment was finally successfully carried out after the maggots were magically destroyed by Ustaz Ujang.

“He was advised by his son, Mom, you don’t have to be weird. Don’t like to hurt people. We are all servants of Allah, brothers, sisters, no,” said Ustaz Ujang, ending the video.

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