Luhut Accused of Joining Business in Papua, Refly: Consequences…

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1NEWS – Constitutional law expert Refly Harun highlighted the feud between Lokataru Director Haris Azhar and KontraS coordinator Fatia Maulida, and Coordinating Minister for Maritime Investment Luhut Binsar Panjaitan.

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As is well known, recently the two activists revealed the existence of official play behind the plan to exploit the Wabu Block area in Intan Jaya, Papua.

The two made the accusations in a discussion broadcast on Haris Azhar Channel’s YouTube channel.

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“Yes, indeed that is a consequence of the position. However, everyone has their own path and their own stand,” said Refly Harun in his live YouTube which was monitored by 1NEWS, Sunday (29/8).

Refly suspected that Luhut had issued a subpoena because the words of the two activists did not benefit him.

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But instead of suing, Refly advised Luhut to take the peaceful path

The Coordinating Minister for Marives was also advised to provide an explanation of his version of the facts.

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“If you give additional explanation by asking for the right of reply, in my opinion, it is much better. Let the public judge who has more accurate information,” said Refly.


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