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Mancini mentions the reason Donnarumma is still a reserve at PSG – Italy national team coach, Roberto Mancini said that the reason Gli Azzurri goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma is still on the bench at PSG is because the player started pre-season later.

A major player at AC Milan as well as the Italian national team, a move from Gianluigi Donnarumma to Paris Saint-Germain this summer is said to have seen him replace Keylor Navas. However, until the last match of the team from the French capital last weekend it turned out that coach Mauricio Pochettino still trusted Navas as the main goalkeeper and Donnarumma only sat on the bench.

The situation of Donnarumma who has never played for his club after the Euro performances certainly bothered football observers in Italy a little. Still going to be the mainstay of Gli Azzurri in World Cup qualifiers if the 22-year-old goalkeeper continues to be a back-up player it certainly won’t be good for his preparation to defend his country’s national team.

But it turns out that it still does not give a sense of worry for the coach of the Italian national team, Roberto Mancini. Speaking to the media in his press conference quoted by Football Italia, the former Manchester City coach felt that Donnarumma would only be a temporary substitute at PSG.

For Mancini, Donnarumma is still not the first choice just because the goalkeeper did join recently in pre-season training from PSG after getting a holiday after the Euros. The tactician doesn’t seem to be worried that the goalkeeper who will be Italy’s first choice will not have the status as a starting player with Les Parisiens.

Actually, the opportunity for Donnarumma not to be the first choice at PSG is not an impossible possibility, because the French club has high confidence in the ability of Navas. But at least the former Milan retainer will be rotated in the future, especially if later there is pressure from many parties to provide playing opportunities for the goalkeeper who made his debut at the age of 16.

Of course, if Donnarumma actually becomes a back-up player, Mancini can have a difficult choice to try other players who play more regularly. But so far this has not been an option from the coach for the preparation of the Italian national team.

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