MMM Playlist August 2021 #4 20 Indonesian Hits Chart Scrambler

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MMM Playlist August 2021 #4 20 Indonesian Hits Songs Scratch the Charts

MMM Playlist the fourth week of August 2021 edition for the top 20 Indonesian songs. List of songs from Indonesian artists released within a few weeks before August and the fourth week of August. The ratings for these songs are not only sourced from charts on radio or digital platforms that are nationally recognized. And also not seen from the number of streams and views of a song achieved so far. Rather, it is purely based on playlists or playlists that become ‘heavy rotation’ in MMM on hit songs that are currently perched on various charts and those that are not.

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Oh yes, in the eyes of MMM, famous and unpopular artists, mainstream and sidelines, sidelines, and so on are the same. As long as the song is pleasing to the ear and cool to the heart, hehe. Follow Spy Music Spotify account for updates playlists every week. Enjoy this week’s MMM Plalylist.

20. Gavendri – Should I

19. Jinan Laetitia – Picture

18. hospital – room

17. Sara Fajira – Tea & Beans

16. Tradeto – About the Future / One Two Step (feat. Indies)

15. Nadhif Basalamah – Letting Go

14. Andmesh – Can Be Without You

13. Hursa – Seasons of Darkness (feat. Neida)


11. Ghaniyya Ghazi – Trapped

10. Peraukertas – One Last Dance ft. Alyapuu

9. Oslo Ibrahim – Blanket Of Sadness Ft. Randy Pandugo

8. Mr. Jarwo – Anti Lay Down

7. Wood Sound – Pencil Eraser

6. Fresh & Adera – Until You Smile

5. Aldrian Risjad, Indies, Rayhan Noor – A Good Day To Lie

4. Holy Agatha – Your Presence

3. Mirriam Eka – People’s Match

2. NIKI – Every Summertime

1. Elvan Saragih – You Do It Again

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