MOMOLAND Agency Opens Up About Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho’s Dating News | Kpop Chart

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MOMOLAND’s agency, MLD Entertainment finally gave their statement.

Previously, the Dispatch media had reported that Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo had been in a relationship for five months.

In response to the news, Lee Min Ho’s agency immediately denied and said that Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo were just friends.

Now it’s the turn of the MLD Entertainment agency to give their statement, “Yeonwoo is currently filming a drama, so it is difficult for us to confirm it. We are in the process of confirming with him.”

In a previous report, Dispatch said that the two started dating because they share a common hobby, which is playing video games and watching movies.

Dispatch also uploaded photos of Lee Min Ho when picking up Yeonwoo using his car and going to the cinema. (1NEWS)

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