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Paling Seru – Tuti Suhartini (55) and her daughter, Amelia Mustika Ratu (23), who were victims of a sadistic murder on August 18, 2021, apparently already knew the whereabouts of Yosef’s young wife, husband and father of the victims.

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Like most honeys, the relationship between Tuti and Yosef’s second wife with the initials M is also not good. But this happened not because Tuti couldn’t accept the harsh reality, but because of M’s own actions.

As stated by Lilis (58), the sister of the victim Tuti, the young wife of Yosef, once committed acts of terror against his sister.

“(Victim Tuti) once told me about being terrorized by the young wife of my sister’s husband from WhatsApp. The problem is that I never disclosed it, only my sister said, because I might be jealous. Then I asked him to change his phone number. Since then my sister has never spoken again,” said Lilis.

Not only that, Yosef’s young wife also had problems at her place of work, at the National Achievement Foundation owned by the Yosef family.

At that time, M, who was given the position of treasurer by Yosef after his marriage, was not trustworthy in managing money. Even the foundation’s financial condition was destroyed.

“So, it’s a waste. When he became treasurer (the money) was spent with him. So the position of treasurer was taken over. At that time (Yosef’s young wife) never came again (to the foundation), especially after my niece (victim Amelia) became treasurer,” said Lilis, quoted by

Yes, currently the position of treasurer is filled by Amelia. In his hands, the foundation’s finances are well managed, even Amelia’s victim got a car prize for her achievements by the foundation.

But unfortunately, now the victim Amel and his mother were killed. The results of the investigation by the Subang Police Police themselves have found a bright spot and have narrowed down the name of the suspect, and will be released in the near future.

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