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After successfully securing Muhammad Kece and Yahya Waloni, now a number of figures from Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah are urging the police to participate in arresting Permadi Arya alias Abu Janda who is considered to be disturbing the public. Because, by doing so, the police are believed to have enforced justice.

First of all, the Head of Law and Human Rights of the Muhammadiyah Youth Center, Razikin, asked the police to take preventive and responsive actions in handling cases related to blasphemy. Given, according to him, the issue is very sensitive and easy to trigger conflict.

“The police must answer the demands of the community to arrest Abu Janda and Denny Siregar,” said Razikin, quoted from Jawapos, Monday, August 30, 2021.

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Furthermore, Razikin argues, to knit religious tolerance in Indonesia, an expensive ‘cost’ is needed. That is why, when someone tries to damage it, the police must take immediate action. Because if you don’t, a split can happen.

“At that point, you have to be zero tolerance for anyone trying to interfere or mess with it. Because there are very high social and political costs that we have to bear if there is a clash with a religious background.”

“We Muhammadiyah Youth continue to take responsibility in maintaining the harmonization and diversity of our nation. We also hope that the public will not act reactionary and please trust the law enforcement authorities. On the other hand, the police must also respond to that trust by acting quickly and fairly,” he said.

NU and Muhammadiyah unite to urge police to arrest Abu Janda

The General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah, Abdul Mu’ti, said the same thing. He considered, Indonesia is a state of law. None and no individual or group are immune from certain rules.

“So, anyone who violates the law and is found guilty must be punished according to the applicable law. Including the buzzers who actually cause chaos and noise that has the potential to divide the community,” said Mu’ti.

Permadi arya alias Abu Janda
Permadi arya aka Abu Widow Photo: Antara

Together with Muhammadiyah, Nahdlatul Ulama leader Umar Hasibuan alias Gus Umar also appreciated the police’s move to arrest Muhammad Kece and Yahya Waloni. However, do not forget, the law must be enforced fairly. So, he asked buzzers like Abu Janda to get the same treatment.

“Okay, blasphemers are arrested, either Yahya Waloni or Muhammad Kece. But why is the buzzer untouched by the law, why?” said Gus Umar.

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