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Every country certainly has a war weapon with excellent strength, which is able to block the enemy from entering the country’s territory. Indonesia, as the country with the 12th most feared military in the world, also has the best missile weapon called the Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2.

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This weapon with various kinds of sophistication and known to be deadly, is the best belonging to the Indonesian Air Force Special Forces. What are the specifications and the most advanced features of this weapon? Let’s see!

European-made missiles

Launching from the Military.id page, the weapon belonging to the Indonesian Air Force, the Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 missile, was apparently purchased from the Rheinmetall Air Defense factory in Switzerland. This defense system was only designed and designed in 2014 and arrived in Indonesia via the Dwikora Seaport, Pontianak. Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 itself has a specification of a firing speed of 1000 projectiles per minute, a projectile speed of 1440 meters per second, a weight of 385 kg, a body length of 4110 mm, and an ammunition capacity of 240 bullets per magazine.

Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 Appearance [sumber gambar]

Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 carried out a function test last Thursday (01/7/2021) at AWR Pandanwangi Lumajang, East Java. This trial was witnessed directly by the Commander of Korpaskhas, Marshal of the Indonesian Armed Forces, Eris Widodo Y., SE, M.Tr (Han). After the defense equipment function test activity, it will be allocated to three units of Hanud Pashkas, namely Denhaud 475, 476, and 477 Paskhas.

Shooting distance as far as 4 kilometers

Called a deadly and feared weapon, the Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 has a working system with a firing range of 4 km, which allows it to destroy rockets, mortars, and other objects. With two radar systems, namely sensor unit and one command post, he is able to block all targets who try to escape.

Soldiers preparing Oerlikon Skyshield missile weapons [sumber gambar]

Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 uses AHEAD (Advanced Hit Energy & Destruction), which is a type of bullet airbusting or break in the air. The bullet that comes out will later turn into a kind of shield after 4 seconds. This missile has a 35mm L79 GDF-007 Contraves 35/1000 cannon, which is capable of targeting helicopters, fighter jets and cruise missiles. This is what makes the percentage of chances of escaping the Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 very small.

Exercise simulation

On July 16, 2020, Denhanud 472 Paskhas in South Sulawesi conducted a series of training simulations at night. In the exercise, there was 1 Firing Unit consisting of a Command Post, Sensor Unit and 2 35 mm caliber Air Cannon assisted by Manpad Missiles, Chiron Missiles and QW-3 Missiles. The night tracking exercise was carried out to hone the soldiers’ willingness to understand the characteristics of the Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 weapon.

Simulation of exercises carried out by Denhanud 472 Paskhas TNI AU at the Sultan Hasanuddin Air Force Base [sumber gambar]

The Commander of the Air Defense Detachment 472 Paskhas, Lt. Col. (Pas) Frian Alfa Risdar, directly led the simulation which was held at the Sultan Hasanuddin Air Force Base. When foreign aircraft enter the area, the prepared Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 immediately locks and destroys the target easily.

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The sophistication of the Oerlikon Skyshield MK-2 has even been heard by the former President of the United States, Barrack Obama. He admitted that he was amazed by the rapid development of the Indonesian military in the past year. Of course, this gives good hope for Indonesia to be able to maintain its territorial integrity.

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