Prediction of Nagoya Grampus vs. Kashima Antlers, the host is not used to controlling the ball

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1NEWS – Stepping away from the European performances that are currently hot, the competition in Asia is no less impressive. Competition in Asia is currently quite rising in rating after Japan was able to appear to be the best at the Olympics. Especially in competitions in Japan, many think that J1 and the Japan Cup are quite the center of attention.

It is estimated that many people are quite curious because in this competition quite a lot of talents have emerged. Finally, the great talent that has sprung up has made Japan currently quite powerful in international competitions. In this case, competition Japan Cup will be presented again in the middle of this week with four fierce parties.

There are only four matches because the Japan Cup performance doesn’t feel like it’s already in the top eight this week. Practically the team that used to be around 16, is now slowly shrinking to only the top 8 teams in Japan. In terms of competition, of course, it is also increasing sharply, especially the competition in the Nagoya Grampus vs. Kashima Antlers match.

As expected by the public, Nagoya and Kashima are quite likely to enter the top eight. In the end, these two formidable teams from Japan qualified for the top eight and were even met immediately. First leg encounter between Nagoya Grampus vs Kashima Antlers according to exchange online slot gambling site will be held on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 at 17.00 WIB.

Nagoya is not used to controlling the midfield

It seems that many have followed the development of Nagoya Grampus especially in the last few games. Nagoya Grampus currently has a game that is quite unique in terms of effectiveness.

Not only that, Nagoya Grampus is also quite extraordinary in terms of his defensive wall this season. However, the center of public attention seems to be more directed to the game of Nagoya who is not used to playing possession of the ball.

It seems that the Japanese public has also realized that Nagoya is very unusual when he is required to control a lot of balls. Precisely the game from Nagoya that seemed very pragmatic actually made the opposing team often not move. In this case, Nagoya Grampus often plays with ball possession below 40%.

However, due to the level of effectiveness of the front row which is quite extraordinary, this team is quite respected by its opponents. In this case, it seems that the Nagoya Grampus vs Kashima Antlers match in terms of attack and control of the game will be dominated by the visitors.

While Kashima Antlers The Walls Are Sturdy

Take a peek at more about Kashima Antlers of course a little different from the Nagoya squad this season. If Nagoya’s vanguard is effective enough, Kashima has an unbelievably impressive defensive ability.

In fact, you could say the key to the game of the Kashima Antlers squad this season rests 100% on the line of defenders. The solid wall behind is enough to be the key to Kashima Antlers’ game when they meet Nagoya.

It is estimated that the host Nagoya will be overwhelmed when trying to push up to the heart of Kashima’s defense. In that case, Kashima would take advantage of this momentum by counterattacking quickly. In essence, the possibility of the match between Nagoya and Kashima will seem more monotonous because they are waiting for each other.

Japan Cup Score Prediction : Nagoya Grampus vs Kashima Antlers 01 September 2021

A little review and mention about the prediction of the match score, the host Nagoya will be more favored. Because mentally it will be more formed because of competing as the host when meeting Kashima. Practically the Nagoya Grampus vs Kashima Antlers party is expected to be completely controlled by the hosts and ends with narrow score 2 – 1.

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