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Tania Ayu.  Photo Source: Instagram

Model and disc jockey (DJ) Tania Ayu was in the public spotlight some time ago after being suspected of being involved in an online prostitution case. In December 2020, Tania was named as an artist with the initials TA, who was widely discussed after the chronology of arrests and the development of online prostitution cases was revealed.

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Tania is a witness along with several other people. Even so, his name cannot be separated from the involvement of online prostitution cases. What’s Tania’s profile like? Check out the following reviews.

Tania Ayu’s Profile

Tania Ayu is a woman born to a father who is Batak and her mother is Javanese-Cilacap. The woman who was born on January 31, 1994 has the full name of Tania Ayu Siregar. As a DJ, Tania has performed in several discotheque stages because she is considered to have ability in EDM music. In fact, he won 3rd place when he was a contestant for Miss POPULAR Batch 4 – Pioneer DJ Hunt 2017.

Apart from being a DJ, Tania is also active on social media. He is a celebgram with an Instagram account @taniaayusiregarofficial which has been followed by more than 900 thousand Instagram users. In addition, she also has a YouTube channel called Tania Ayu Siregar with more than 19 thousand subscribers.

Tania Ayu.  Photo Source: Instagram

He then spread his wings to the world of television. He has the ability in acting by starring in various films, TV shows, and Indonesian television soap operas.

Tania often exercise

It is known, Tania is an adult magazine model and is rumored to have been in the field for a long time. Tania often does sports to keep her body fit and proportional.

Engaged in prostitution

Tania Ayu.  Photo Source: Instagram
Tania Ayu. Photo Source: Instagram

The news about online prostitution that dragged the artist with the initials TA started with the arrest by the West Java Police. The model was secured in a hotel in the Bandung area in December 2020. The case has been rolled out until the verdict of the four defendants at the Bandung District Court on April 29, 2021. Two of the defendants are Ricky Janitra as an advertiser and Andy Haryanto who is an agent with a prison sentence of six month.

The other two, Marizka Rosdiana, who promoted women, and Venty Dias, served 10 months in prison. Meanwhile, the alleged TA artist Tania Ayu only has the status of a witness.

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