Reject the assumption that children are an investment in the future of parents, Wendy Walters: Not a Business Relationship!

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Comments about having children in married couples are often considered as a form of attention and are normal. These comments are often associated with the perception of children as an investment in the future because they will take care of their parents. In fact, this is actually quite disturbing privacy, especially since such comments usually come from many parties, including family, neighbors and friends.

In fact, among celebrities, comments about descent also come from netizens. As experienced by Wendy Walters, wife of Reza Arap. Since getting married on February 21, 2021, Wendy admits that she often gets comments about momongn from netizens. The decision to postpone having children with her husband made Wendy try to ignore it. However, it seems that Wendy’s patience has run out when she was asked about her goal of marriage and the perception of children as parents’ investments. This finally made Wendy speak up.

For Wendy, being a parent is a lifelong job that requires mental readiness

Wendy’s anger at comments about having children began when she posted a response of admiration for mothers who take care of their own children. Because Wendy had just helped her relatives take care of the newborn. The upload on Wendy’s Instastory on Saturday (28/8) invited netizens’ comments who argued that having children is not easy, because parents have to sacrifice time and thought to take care of their children.

Wendy agreed to this, because she and her husband were not mentally ready to have children, so they decided to postpone it first. “That’s right, that’s why yesterday I had to withdraw from having children because my husband and I were not ready to take care of children. Taking care of children is a lifelong job, if you are forced to have children it’s just because you follow what people say, but deep down not ready, sorry for the child, “Wendy wrote.

Wendy believes that the goal of every married couple is not only about having children, especially according to her children don’t ask to be born

Wendy’s response to delaying offspring actually invited cynical comments from netizens. “So why are you getting married, Ma’am, if you’re not ready to have children, if your prayers have been postponed from yesterday, God will hear that you really don’t have children, Ma’am, having children is for storytelling, those who take care of us will be old,” wrote the netizen via DM Wendy. These comments seem to make Wendy furious, even though she usually admits that she often ignores such comments.

Finally Wendy spoke up and expressed her opinion. “Who says marriage is just to have children? If there are people who can’t have children or don’t want to have children, why? Whether you want to have children or not is everyone’s choice, you don’t have tojudge use this sentence,” Wendy wrote on the Insta Story she shared repost also on his personal Twitter account @_wendywalters. In addition, Wendy also revealed that she did not agree with the notion that children are parents’ investments in the future. Because, children are considered as parties who will take care of their parents when they are adults and their parents are old.

“Children don’t ask to be born, and the parent-child relationship is not a ‘business relationship’ that must have reciprocity,” wrote Wendy.

Wendy admitted that she was hurt to read netizens’ comments, she also emphasized that children are not an investment and these comments can hurt a partner

Wendy emphasizes the assumption that children are investments | Credit @_wendywalters on Twitter

Comments about offspring and the notion that children are an investment in their parents’ future are sensitive matters that are often accepted by young couples. Unfortunately, this is actually normalized in our society. No wonder Wendy feels hurt by comments like that from netizens. Wendy also admitted that she was very disturbed and emphasized that children are not parents’ investments. “To be honest, Itriggred read the previous story. Please, children are not an investment.”

At the end of her upload, Wendy also emphasized that every married couple has their own decisions so that other people don’t need to control them. “And it is not anyone’s right to arrange for a married couple to have children quickly. I, who don’t have children, can be hurt to read it, especially those who are struggling to have children and haven’t been given one,” said Wendy thinking about the feelings of a couple who are struggling to have children.

Wendy’s response seems to have provoked anger from other netizens, especially on Twitter, which was busy making comments

netizen comments | on Twitter @_wendywalters

Comments about children are sensitive matters that can offend many parties. No wonder the netizen’s cynical comments on Wendy’s upload also made many people on Twitter furious. They assume that many people who like to interfere make comments about heredity in the guise of caring and wanting to give advice.

“Wkwk, I was diagnosed with having a hard time having children, it was really sad to read her comment. Is it wrong not to have children? You really have to have kids so someone will take care of you when you’re old. You can take care of yourself, it’s time to depend on your children. I really want to cry,” wrote one netizen. Many are angry because they think children are their parents’ investment. “Usually, when the children grow up, they are told to pay for the money for their parents, with the lure of returning the favor,” wrote a netizen.


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