Releases Song Titled Wulan D’Sabeni Maintain Consistency – Latest Celeb News

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1NEWS – D’SABENI is a band that carries ethnic Betawi music again to present their second song to the Indonesian music scene, together with WOW MUSIKINDO they released their second single entitled “WULAN” by Rendra and Encang D’sabeni which was produced by ROWMAN UNGU, “This is a proof from D’sabeni that they are here and try to survive in the Indonesian Music Industry with their musical color that carries the Betawi ethnicity” said Rowman Purple.

D’SABENI fronted by Encang (vocalist), Odhot (guitarist), Rendra (Guitarist) and Annil (drummer) wants to remain active in the Indonesian music scene so as not to be left behind by others. “The important thing is that our work is in the Indonesian music industry and people listen to it” said Encang.

The production process for the song “Wulan” was carried out together when working on their debut single yesterday, because they immediately worked on 3 songs which took a long time about one – two months, “Well, because all take themselves from guitar, drums, vocals, except bass and keyboard assisted by Nanta and Igun Gunawan” Rendra said, “So the long wait for the studio schedule and the contents of the music” said Annil added.

The song “Wulan” tells the story of a man’s meeting with a girl named “Wulan” and tells of their relationship, until their intention to enter the proposal level, using the typical Betawi language which is blatant and straightforward in wrapping the lyrics of this “Wulan” song, “There are jokes, there are advices, there are nyindirnya, in the lyrics of the song I want to convey happiness in jokes and frankly” Clearly Encang about the lyrics of the song.

“Hopefully our second song entitled Wulan in the Industry is accepted by Indonesian music lovers” Odhot said hopefully, which was agreed by the other 3 personnel, success is always D’Sabeni.

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