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Villages are usually synonymous with things that are rustic and out of date. In fact, not infrequently people in the city have to look at those from the village with one eye. Whereas everyone should have the same opportunity, no matter where he comes from. Because ability and effort determine the final result.

The notion of a bumpkin village might disappear if you look at Huaxi’s condition. In this village, helicopters are used as a daily vehicle for the residents. Then how advanced was the mentioned village to be said to be able to defeat the city? Let’s not curious see the following reviews.

Transport by helicopter

Generally, the transportation used by the villagers is angkot or ojek. Well, in a village in China called Huaxi, it turns out that the transportation used is a helicopter. Yes, you read correctly, helicopters which are usually used for rich people or officials, in this village are used for the public.

Helicopter Transport [sumber gambar]

Reporting from the Okezone page, Tongyong Airline Company is a company that provides this service and can be used by anyone. This is motivated by the needs of residents and tourists, so it doesn’t take long if you want to go from one place to another while in Huaxi. This need is not only for work, but also for others.

All related to village status

Investigate an investigation, the use of helicopters as public transportation there, relates to the situation in the village. Yes, Huaxi turns out to be the richest village in the world. Reporting from the Liputan6 page, the average savings from the population is around Rp. 3.3 billion.

A lot of people’s savings [sumber gambar]

Not only that, there are many advantages for the natives there, ranging from health services, education, luxury homes, cars, all of which are free. Like a dream place to live, of course, many people want to feel like moving there. How about it, do you also want to join to move to the richest village too?

Many magnificent and modern buildings

Unlike other villages in Huaxi, it turns out that the buildings are all modern. There is a statue of a cow built with gold material, as a sign of how prosperous this village is. Not only that, there are also towering buildings that cost IDR 5.8 trillion in construction.

golden cow [sumber gambar]

The building, named Hanging Village of Huaxi, has a height of 328 meters. The existence of several super-luxury and magnificent buildings will certainly attract the interest of tourists, which in the end also adds to the wealth that enters the village. At this rate, it doesn’t look like a village, even more like a city.

Called a victim of propaganda

Behind the success of this village, it turns out that there is bad news circulating. Reporting from the Liputan6 page, in this one village it turned out to be a victim of propaganda. Huaxi is called the ‘false face’ shown to the world, the result of socialist ideas. Even though the people of Huaxi themselves, although they get many luxuries, they cannot live freely.

propaganda issues [sumber gambar]

They have a lot of savings but have to ask permission if they want to use it. People had to work extra hours and there were no places of entertainment to be had. Yes, although some people get privileges more because of having a position or heredity of an important person.

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Indeed, Huaxi has extraordinary luxury, but unfortunately the unpleasant issues that befell him. I don’t know which is true, but what is clear is that sometimes wealth does not always guarantee happiness.

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