Taking care of his paralyzed mother, this man gets sustenance to escape the 2021 Police NCO, all thanks to his mother’s prayers – 1NEWS

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Circulating a video of a child so devoted to his mother. The story is so touching and heart-wrenching. He was so sincere in caring for his paralyzed biological mother.

The boy did not hesitate to feed, carry, and replace his mother’s clothes. He is willing to be a substitute for his mother’s legs and arms.

A blessing came to him. The child managed to achieve expectations by passing the 2021 National Police Officer.

Launching from the Instagram account insta_julid, which re-uploaded a video of the story of a boy’s struggle.

The unnamed man seemed so sincere in caring for and loving his mother. Everything needed, from eating, combing hair, to dressing the mother, was prepared by the child.

“Finally you fought, sis. The sister who loves her mother very muchHe is a person who always puts his mother first. From clothes, bathing, eating, everything he,” wrote in the caption of the video body.

Even though he was dressed neatly and was about to leave, the man did not hesitate to put his mother first. He carried his mother out of bed.

“The boy takes care of his mother. Before leaving, he still puts his mother first ,” he continued.

Blessings also come as a gift for patience in caring for parents. This boy managed to achieve his dream to become a civil servant.

“🥺 And finally God replied with his goals achieved. Good luck my dear ,” he wrote.

As the only son in the family, this man is an example. So much love for his mother and family, to make him proud.

“He’s the only boy who really loves his family and takes care of mom”and his goodness is rewarded by Allah. He PASSED NCO 2021 Hopefully it can continue to be our pride, “he concluded.

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