The 5 Most Attractive Parts of the Face to the Opposite Sex, What Are?

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the most attractive part of the face

It is undeniable, the face is a part of the body that plays an important role in our interactions with other people. In fact, facial expressions can give a certain impression when you first meet them. Well, from the variety of human facial features, it turns out that there are some parts of the face that are the most interesting and often attract the attention of others when they meet.

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Exploring the most interesting part of the face is indeed quite interesting. Although each individual may have a different view, a number of studies show that there are certain parts of the face that usually attract special attention. If you think Parents yourself, which part, here, is the most interesting about someone?

5 Most Attractive Face Parts of a Person

1. Eyes

According to a recent study by psychologist Daniel Gill of the University of Winchester in New Hampshire, both men and women say that the eyes are the most attractive part of a person’s face.

In his study, Gill asked 32 men and 32 women to look at a series of color photographs of faces without makeup, jewelry, facial hair, or glasses. The participants were then asked to rate individual facial features as well as the face as a whole.

The results of the study showed that there were slight differences in the ratings, depending on the gender of the participants. But both men and women find the eyes the most attractive part of the face.

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2. Nose

These are the 5 Most Attractive Face Parts, Maximize to Attract Couples!

The next most interesting part after the eyes is the nose. In fact, it is these two parts that the human brain waves first go to when interacting with other people. This was conveyed by dr. Adri Dwi Prasetyo, skin and genital specialist, through

So do not be surprised, those who do plastic surgery most often correct the center of the face, including the eyes and nose. According to the golden ratio “mask,” or measurements using mathematical models and ratios to calculate facial proportions and attractiveness, the center of the face has more fine lines.

“That means an important area. Meanwhile, on the forehead the line is large so that it is not noticed,” explained dr. Adrien.

3. Lips, the most attractive part of a woman’s face for men

the most attractive part of the face

If we look closely, women often color their lips with red to increase their attractiveness. This practice has even existed for centuries since the time of Ancient Egypt. At that time, women used to wear red lipstick and blush.

This seems to be in line with the results of research at the University of Manchester quoted from the page In the first 10 seconds of meeting a woman, the researchers found that the average man would spend about half his time looking at the lips.

The study involved 50 men who were shown pictures of several different women, with and without lipstick. Apparently, the participants were glued to the pink lipstick for an average of 6.7 seconds and 7.3 seconds for the red lipstick.

The study concluded that fuller lips attract the eye longer. Dr Geoff Beattie, the lead researcher, proved that lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of the female body and play an important role in human sexual attraction.

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4. Chin

the most attractive part of the face

The chin apparently also did not go unnoticed. Not surprising, because the chin is also in the midline of the face, just below the lips. Those with round faces and small chins are generally considered to have facial features babyface that looks cute.

In the world of aesthetics, this part of the chin is often corrected through filler techniques or other plastic surgery techniques. Usually people want the appearance of a smaller chin.

5. Hair

These are the 5 Most Attractive Face Parts, Maximize to Attract Couples!

The last part that is considered the most interesting is the hair. Still according to the studies conducted psychologist Daniel Gill of the University of Winchester, women rate the eyes and hair as the most attractive part of a person. While the male participants put emphasis on the entire face, eyes, and hair of women.

Furthermore, some women like men who have facial hair, in this case a thick beard. Men with beards are usually considered more masculine. However, some other women actually prefer clean-shaven men.


Well, that’s the five parts of the face that are considered the most attractive. But do you know Parents, there is one aspect that is no less important than just facial features, namely expression. Science has proven that a friendly and cheerful facial expression actually has a positive effect on a person’s attractiveness. So, don’t forget to smile today, ok?

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