The Kwek Kwek Trio Disbanded 20 Years Ago, How Are They Now?

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The Kwek Kwek Trio Disbanded 20 Years Ago, How Are They Now?

If Parents is the millennial generation, definitely no stranger to the vocal group Trio Kwek Kwek. This children’s vocal group had skyrocketed in the 90s to the early 2000s. This vocal group consists of two girls and one boy. They are Leony Vitria Hartanti, Alfandy, and Dhea Ananda. Currently, the three of them have become adults and have their own lives. So, how are the three of them now? Let’s be nostalgic together Parents!

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The Beginning of the Kwek Kwek Trio

Trio Kwek Kwek was formed in 1993. The person who unites these three children into one vocal group is an Indonesian children’s songwriter, Papa T. Bob. At that time, all three were winners in a competition called “Child Star Festival 1993”. At that time, Papa T. Bob happened to be one of the judges of the competition.

In the competition, Alfandy won 1st place, Dhea Ananda took second place, and Leony was the participant who was nominated for having a good vocal even though he was only 5 years old. Papa T. Bob then tried to unite them in the vocal group.

The Kwek Kwek trio immediately skyrocketed thanks to the songs composed by Papa T. Bob. They became children’s idols in their time and managed to win various prestigious awards, such as the AMI Awards, Panasonic Awards, and so on. They have also released 6 main albums and 6 compilation albums. However, in 2001, the three finally decided to go their separate ways after 8 years together.

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The latest news about the personnel of the Kwek Kwek Trio

The Kwek Kwek Trio Disbanded 20 Years Ago, How Are They Now?

After 20 years of separation, now each member is rarely seen on the Indonesian screen. However, now they have chosen their own paths in life. What is the life of the personnel like now? Let’s take a peek at nostalgia, Parents!


The Kwek Kwek Trio Disbanded 20 Years Ago, How Are They Now?

The man whose full name is Alfandy Cahyono is now no longer living in Indonesia. Currently, it is known that Alfandy lives in the United States. Not long after the Kwek Kwek Trio disbanded, Alfandy did choose to continue his education in the United States. According to the news, the man who was born October 29, 1985 is now a career as a doctor in the United States.

Dhea Ananda

The Kwek Kwek Trio Disbanded 20 Years Ago, How Are They Now?

After the disbandment of Trio Kwek Kwek, Nadia Budi Ananda or known as Dhea Ananda chose to remain in the entertainment world. Not only pursuing the world of singing, this woman who was born on May 26, 1986 also entered the world of acting. He often appears in several Indonesian soap operas, such as Sad Stories on Sunday, Soulmate, and so forth. In addition, the films he has starred in include: Pizza Man, Comic 8: Casino Kings part 1, and so forth.

He has also released a solo album and single. Some of them are albums 16 Candles and single entitled “You are unfaithful” and “First Love”. In 2009, he decided to let go of his single life. He was married by Ariel, the guitarist of the band Nidji. Their second marriage was held at Dhea’s residence, on Jl Rajawali 11 Pademangan, North Jakarta.

After almost 12 years of undergoing the ark of the household, on December 21, 2020, he was finally given a baby. She is following the IVF program and is currently busy being a new parent. Congratulations, yes!

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The Kwek Kwek Trio Disbanded 20 Years Ago, How Are They Now?

Not only Dhea, Leony actually chose to stay in the entertainment world which made her name. The actress who was born on September 20, 1987, prefers to pursue the world of acting rather than singing. The films he has starred in are But Not Me, Identity, Fart, and Angels Looking for Wings. For his role in the film Identity, he was nominated for FFI. In addition, he also had time to play in several FTV titles. Her role in FTV Don’t Call Me Chinese received the Panasonic Awards.

Lately, Leony has become the subject of public discussion. This is due to the statement he issued some time ago. In several interviews spread on Youtube, Leony said that he did not care about marriage. He also said that he thought about this since he was 27 years old. Right now, her priority in life is to make her family happy. When he said this, his parents didn’t really mind it. The two of them gave Leony a choice.


Well, that’s some of the latest news from Trio Kwek Kwek personnel. They have chosen their respective paths and are consistent with what he pursues.

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