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Not infrequently Indonesian TKW experience various bitter experiences while undergoing work contracts in other countries. Some may have bad luck, and come home with many physical and mental injuries.

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However, Fitria Denafa, a female migrant worker from Indonesia who has successfully worked in a villa owned by the King of Saudi Arabia, felt very far from this bad luck. He even felt happy with the big salary he received and chose to stay at the employer’s house with his family. What exactly is Fitria’s job in a foreign country?

In-laws inheritance

On October 28, 2020, a Youtube channel called Sahabat Salam owned by Youtuber Alman Mulyana, uploaded a video that explores the story of Fitria Denafa. Tells the story of Fitria who worked for 15 years at the villa of the king of Saudi Arabia in Ta’if. Fitria said that the work was inherited from her father-in-law, where previously Fitria’s father-in-law had worked for 35 years in the residence or villa of the King of Saudi Arabia.

Fitria and Alman [sumber gambar]

At that time, Fitria’s father-in-law died, her mother-in-law finally decided to go home. However, the Amir (Fitra’s nickname for the employer) asked the mother-in-law to stay, even to bring her children and grandchildren. At that time, Fitria was asked to replace her mother-in-law by bringing her husband and child, who was 12 months old at the time.

Super loyal employer

At the time of departure, Fitria was not given a work visa but a visit visa by the Amir. He also didn’t know what work to do. In fact, he only met his employer once in the city of Jeddah during his 15 years of work. During that time, Fitria stayed while taking care of the Amir’s villa.

Fitria at work [sumber gambar]

Fitria actually felt happy to be a TKW in that place. He got Amir who was very generous with a month’s income of Rp. 38 million which was never late. There are still more Lebaran bonuses up to the Eid Hajj bonus, the total of which can reach Rp. 60 million. Well, if the season changes, Fitria gets special clothes for each season. Very royal, yes.

Never feel sorrow

During her work, Fitria admitted that she had never experienced any kind of grief. The reason, he only works once in three months. She was assisted by Mahfud, her husband, who was in charge of cleaning the inside and outside of the house. Meanwhile, the plants were carried out by workers from Pakistan, who also doubled as a villa security guard.

Fitria when telling her life story [sumber gambar]

Fitria feels comfortable working there because the salary is always on time and the bonus is never reduced. He only felt a little troubled when the Amir’s family visited or held an event at the villa. Usually, he will work 10 days until the family activities are finished.

Very spacious house

Even though it is a large salary, the house that Fitria has to clean is also very large. The building with the dominant beige color has an old look. However, on the inside it is still very well maintained, complete with everything furniture-his.

Arabian king’s villa [sumber gambar]

In the field, there are several trees that thrive, such as fig trees, apples, avocados, and manga trees. Unfortunately, the employer prefers to stay at the hotel if he is on vacation in Ta’if city.

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Luck is indeed on Fitria Defana’s side. In addition to light work, he also gets a salary that is far from expected. Apart from Fitria, there are also many stories of TKW who do not feel sorrow, but happiness when working in another country. Hopefully, there will be fewer TKWs who feel sad while working.

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