The Story of Giroud Undoing AC Milan’s Number 9 Curse

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10 Photos of Bewar Abdullah, a man who looks a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo

“It’s a great start for this former Chelsea and Arsenal player. It’s okay, okay “

1NEWS – When Olivier Giroud joined from Chelsea for AC Milan, there were concerns that led to a pessimistic attitude that crept into the minds and feelings of fans. Why not, Giroud is considered to often appear erratic plus his age is no longer young.

All bad excuses were made perfect when Giroud was handed the number 9 jersey, a number that is considered sacred, unlucky, cursed, and other things, to mark the failure of several previous AC Milan players: Mandzukic, Higuain, Piatek, Andre Silva and others .

But Giroud immediately proved that he still deserves to be in the uniform of a top European club, let alone just playing in Serie A. Giroud who has a wealth of experience in the Premier League definitely scored twice as the Rossoneri against Cagliari in a 4-1 win.

His first goal was a directional kick through Brahim Diaz’s sweet pass. The second came via a confident finish from the penalty spot.

10 Photos of Bewar Abdullah, a man who looks a lot like Cristiano Ronaldo

Giroud can’t hide his excitement, after the game he
spoke to DAZN, “I am very proud to play for Milan and to play at the San Siro stadium. This is a great moment. I’m very happy with the team’s performance because we started the game playing good football.”

No doubt the match on that day has been a very special night for the 34-year-old striker. “The support from the fans is amazing. I wish I could have scored more goals,” he added.

Escape the Curse of Number 9

Giroud is almost always looked down upon, and the number 9 jersey at Ac Milan has put him in a corner even more. However, Giroud firmly believes what people think of as a curse actually doesn’t exist, and his past appearance is a good way of proving it.

“I feel there is something special about the number 9 shirt but I’m not superstitious. “

Then he proudly said, “I believe in myself and my abilities. When I was a kid I used to watch Van Basten, Papin and Inzaghi and wearing this shirt made me happy.”

So far the Frenchman has scored several goals since pre-season, and the two goals that went by were his official goals, “I am a striker and I want to score again.” the lid.

(persistent faithadi dharma/gie)

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