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This is Mbah Mistari (63 years old), she survives with a neck tumor that is getting bigger and bigger than her head.

This incident began in 2009 when Mbah Mistari experienced a small lump in her jaw. Over time, the lump continued to grow until it covered his neck.

The pain that Mbah Mistari feels to eat continues to be forced while enduring the pain. At that time Mr. Mistari could only patiently hold back tears from the pain.

The lump in Mbah Mistari’s jaw often bleeds and drips onto her body, Mbah Mistari has to clean it every day.

Meanwhile, his wife suffered from severe depression and thought disturbances, often confused and smiled to herself, only her son took care of feeding and bathing Mbah Mistari.

For years he had lived sickly, his wife also could not take care of him because of depression. Mbah mistari can only surrender to the situation, the boy who takes care of her is always praying for Mbah mistari’s recovery.

“I take care of your father alone, yes, I also take care of your mother, because you are depressed, sometimes it’s hard to talk to, after looking for grass, my activities are waiting for you every day. , apologize to the father can not bring you for treatment.” Mbah mistari’s son.The tumor lump in her body was getting bigger and bigger, Mbah Mistari could only scream in pain, unable to get up to endure the pain so intense.

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