This cane ice seller mother cries happily when she gets a new house sustenance from a good person – 1NEWS

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A woman selling sugarcane ice had gone viral on social media because a buyer offered a glass of her merchandise for Rp. 500 thousand.

His figure became the center of attention. A lot of public empathy that bears fruit, so that the woman can get a new home.

It is known that all this time he lived in a building measuring 6×6 meters. The house that does not belong to him he lives with 11 members of his family.

It seems that now the woman selling sugar cane can breathe a sigh of relief. He received successive sustenance from good people.

Previously, the Instagram account @matpeciiii found out and visited the house of the mother of the sugar cane seller.

It’s quite sad to know the state of the house. Apparently he lived in a simple house with wooden walls and a base of stones and makeshift cement. It is known, the house was inhabited with 11 other family members.

Not a few people were moved and touched to donate. Until finally collected again with a nominal value of IDR 155,125,500.

Mat Peci immediately channeled the money to buy a house. In accordance with the advice of netizens.

“Alhamdulillah, donations from Indonesian netizens collected Rp. 155,125,500 and Mat Peci bought a house to give to the mother selling sugar cane. This is the house that was purchased with the address at Perum Rancamanyar Kotabaru Cikampek,” wrote Mat Peci in the caption of the video body.

Previously, the woman selling sugar cane had received donations from the public. After knowing the condition of the place where they live, the good people continue to channel their donations again.

The ice cane seller had refused to give the house. Even shook his head and backed away. But Mat Peci admitted that he had to give up the trust.

After being forced, the tears broke. Mat Peci couldn’t hold back his emotion. Finally he joined the cry crouched beside. While the woman prostrated for a long time, a sign of gratitude by continuing to cry.

“The process of handing over the house. This mother refused. Finally Mat Peci was persuaded to accept, because Mat Peci received a mandate from the donors,” he continued.

Beautiful minimalist house with a black fence that looks elegant. The living room is quite spacious.

The beige-dominated building has two bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen. Located right in the Rancamanyar Kotabaru housing estate, Karawang, Cikampek, West Java.

“Thank you to all donors & good people, may your sustenance be abundant, always healthy and happy forever. Kindness will return in the form of kindness, never get tired of doing good, “he concluded.

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