This Grandpa is hungry until he knocks on people’s houses to ask for food, not only can he eat, this grandfather also gets a job – 1NEWS

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A video showing an old man knocking on someone’s door has gone viral on social media. How not, the old geezer looked so hungry. He was so hungry, he knocked on someone’s door asking for a bite of food.

Luckily, this old geezer met a noble-hearted human. This old grandfather was given enough food. Not only that, this man in a white cap in a robe also gives work for his grandfather in his office.

An old man suddenly went viral on social media. This old man looks so hungry that he knocks on people’s doors. He intended to ask for a mouthful of food.

“While in the house, suddenly someone knocked on the fence and kept asking for help,” he wrote.

“It turns out that the grandfathers who were sweating after walking because they were tired were really sad,” he continued.

“Perhaps there is more rice, mas?” asked this grandfather.

“Do you want to eat, sir?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” replied the grandfather.

“What are you two doing?” he asked.

“Myself, Mas, I’m looking for work. I just haven’t gotten it yet,” answered this grandfather.

“Where do you live here?” he asked.

“I sleep in the mosque,” replied the grandfather.

“His name is Pak Santoso, 60 years old from Tegal, leaving his wife and 3 children to look for work in Jakarta. It’s been 1 month in Jakarta and I haven’t been able to do anything until his supplies have run out and he just goes home asking for rice, he wants to cry, oh God, “he explained.

“Finally, here I ask for his contact, I want to try to find a job for him to make in my office,” he concluded.

“I was about to go to work, suddenly someone knocked on the fence. I was really surprised, it was Mr. Santoso who I was looking for yesterday,” he said.

“He told me that yesterday he gave the wrong cellphone number. He also came to the house last night, but no one was there,” he said.

“Finally I immediately decided to give him a job in the office. He was very happy,” he said.

“Before going to the office, I try to give him a little breakfast first. To get stuck in his stomach,” he continued.

“When he arrived at the office, his face looked very happy hehe. I immediately introduced a little office warehouse that was about to be finished. I asked him to help clean up the saffron packing warehouse,” he explained.

“Then I took him upstairs, introduced him to my team employees. The office children are also happy with him. Get a new father figure who is enthusiastic to work, “he continued.

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