This is the reason South Korean Netizens Criticize the Lyrics of STAYC’s ‘STEREOTYPE’ | Kpop Chart

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STAYC, a young girl group from HIGHUP Entertainment will soon be releasing a new album, but one of their songs has been criticized for this.

On August 29, 2021, at 22.00 WIB, STAYC has just released a teaser featuring various lyrics from their songs in the mini album ‘STEREOTYPE’.

However, the lyrics of the main song, ‘STEREOTYPE’, caught the attention of South Korean netizens.

“Don’t look with colored glasses”
I’m a different girl
even though I’m conspicuous on the outside
I’m still scared
You should know
(I’m a good girl huh)”

Parts of the lyrics of the song ‘STEREOTYPE’ drew criticism from netizens because it did not match the young soul of STAYC members.

“I’m bored with the lyrics.. Why do they give lyrics like this to children”,

“The lyrics are like the feelings of a teenage girl written by an Ahjussi..”,

“Instead of bad lyrics, I don’t think it’s age-appropriate for STAYC members”,

“I don’t really like the lyrics, but the vocals sound good”,

“Why are the lyrics so bad? Damn, they wasted the talent of the STAYC members”,

“The melody is good and the vocals are good, but the lyrics are bad”,

“This is like the lyrics of K-pop idols from 10 years ago”, and various other comments.

What do you think about the lyrics of the new STAYC song ‘STEREOTYPE’? (1NEWS)

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