This man chose to leave his wife and children to live with dolls, because dolls never demand money

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I don’t know what was on his mind. This husband in Japan prefers dolls over his wife and children, who have accompanied and colored his life so far.

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Yes, it is quite difficult to accept by logic, when the role of humans can be replaced with an inanimate object. But this is a fact, Senji Nakajima chooses to live with Saori, a puppet figure.

Reported by, this 61-year-old man initially bought a doll just to satisfy his desires. But as time goes by, Senji has feelings for the doll even more so he decides to leave his wife and child, and lives alone with Saori in an apartment in Tokyo.

“She’s more than just a doll,” he said.

“He never betrayed me, not only after my money. I’m tired of modern relationships with humans. They have no heart,” said Senji.

Like a real couple, Senji also often takes Saori out on trips, such as to salons, clothing stores, entertainment venues, and so on, by placing her in a wheelchair.

“He needs a lot of help, but to me he is still the perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life,” she said.

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